Here’s Why

For all those folks who have given me guff about having the Chinkvirus vaccine, here’s the deal:

I want to travel again, and soon.  If having the fucking jab means I get to travel again without having to “self-isolate” or any of that nonsense upon arrival, here’s my arm.  Ditto New Wife, who feels as I do.
Corollary #1:  New Wife is suffering from Extreme Grandchild Deprivation.  By the time she can travel to see and hold them (all for the first time), it will be in June.  Rule #1:  never get in Nana’s way when it comes to grandkids.
Corollary #2:  Somehow, some way, I want to get Over There so I can shoot birds with my friend Mr. Free Market later this year / before I die (whichever is appropriate).  As Britishland is in the grips of profound Chinkvirus hysteria, a vaccination certificate may alleviate their silliness and give me a fighting chance.

I’m sick and tired of having to wear a stupid, ineffective face condom.  Anything that allows me to tell the Mask Stasi Karens to fuck off is welcome in my body.

Given my lifestyle and health, the odds of me dying from Chinkvirus anyway have always been breathtakingly slim.  The vaccine isn’t for me;  it’s for everybody else.

I don’t give any credence to how the vaccination program is just another government trap to do something or other to me.  I heard all those whines when they decided to put fluoride into the public water supply .  Not one of those fears proved to be worth a damn back then, and this one is going to be the same.

All of which says one simple thing:  I’m not telling everyone to get the Chinkvirus shot;  nor am I telling anyone not to get the poxy [sic]  jab.  I’m letting everyone make their own decision, for their own reasons and their own purposes.

Kindly allow me to do the same.  I’ve taken far greater risks with my life before.

And if it ends up killing me rather than saving me, them’s the breaks.


  1. “The vaccine isn’t for me; it’s for everybody else.” – Probably the smartest and most succinct argument I’ve heard.

    Besides, my body, my choice, right!

    I think you and I took the same approach. And I’ve had people who know me very well marvel at my decision to get the vax. That they stereotyped me as being anti-vax, says more about them, then it does me.

  2. Beautiful Kim. Well said. It turns out that the Karens are now on the virus doesn’t exist, its a hoax, nobody died side. Ignorant of basic biology they amount to anti gunners on this issue. Knowing nothing they want to dominate the issue.

  3. Until the KamalToeJoe left and the right wing whores fellating them pull their heads out of each other’s rectums, the Kung Flu prophylactic still has plenty holes; in terms of Kung Flu Papers permitting the serfs safe passage. Airlines are requiring passengers to be vaccinated within 72 hours of departure. They’ve been trying to sputter some proforma protests to that restriction, but it’s been hard to do with their tongues digging deeper & deeper towards the inquisitors’ collective colon.

    1. It appears I’ve stepped on my dick. You don’t have to be vaccinated within 72 hrs of departure, you have to be tested within 72 hrs of departure. Regardless of whether or not you’ve gotten the shots. No papers? Return to the ghetto whence you came.

  4. I initially wanted to respond to your first post, but thought about it and figured that you have your reasons. I can respect that. I have my reasons for not getting it, sounds like you respect that too. If only the rest of the fricking world could have that attitude.

    Where I work, they still require face diapers even after the vaccine. So absolutely no benefit there. And I hate travel, so no need there either.

  5. We finished our rabies shots about two weeks ago. Like you we hope to travel this summer unless the docs keep pulling new and improved versions of the new and improved bugs out of their test tubes. I did the shot more for my wife who has serious health problems and a dose of the virus would probably kill her. I don’t know how long it takes for the Bill Gates nanobots to start working but I’m happy to report that as of this morning I have no urges to take a cutting torch to my guns or start voting for Democrats.

  6. You still have to worry about the corporate communists. Don’t know what HEB is doing as I don’t live in TX but Kroger’s and Walmart both have corporate policies about masks. Not to mention airlines.

    1. Interestingly, where I live in Connecticut, in a town which wants you to mask on the dang sidewalk(!), Walmart is one of the few places which doesn’t pitch a hissy fit when I don’t wear a mask. The big sign on the store says you need to wear a mask unless you are an infant, or have a health concern which masks would make worse. So I just don’t wear one, tell them “medical” on the rare occasions when I’m asked, (asthma and suffocation induced panic attacks count, no?) and no one has asked to see the papers our governor thinks those of us with valid medical reasons need to carry.

      As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t need papers on you at all times to prove you need that service (NOT emotional support) dog, they can’t demand papers to prove you can’t wear a mask. There are quite a few stores locally I will never enter again, even if everyone returned to their previous level of sanity and “normal” tomorrow, since they won’t let you in without a mask, even with a paper from your doctor saying the mask would kill you, and contrary to our “illustrious leader’s” executive orders.

  7. Yes. Exactly. Spousal Unit and I have had the shots. Now we are dismantling the walls we have lived behind for the past year.

  8. The Mrs and I are getting our second shot in 2 days. If it were just me, I probably wouldn’t have pursued getting the shots as vigorously as my wife did. She is really suffering from the ( self imposed) social isolation.

  9. I got mine for much the same reasons.

    I did my research, and how the vaccine worked made sense. It’s not doing nearly anything the anti-vax crowd has said.

    I think there are those that watch too much Blacklist and give way too much credit to conspiracy theories. I ‘m a believer in the larger the org the more likely that someone, somewhere will screw things up or rat fink.

    I’m also a believer that these things can be done as quick as they were without gubmint in the way. Hell, I’m trying to add a simple sunroom and it’s been 6 months of grabass between the contractor and the city.

  10. I don’t really think any of these vaccines will do much of anything. They are just the excuse needed to make this fake “pandemic” go away.

    If I have to get a vaccine for work, I believe I’ll opt for the J&J one. It is adenovirus-based, not mRNA like the others.

    1. Bingo. The “vaccine” is just a glorified flu shot meant to placate the health hysterics.

  11. I scheduled mine for the same sort of reasons ( in the 75+ group). Although this being Marksachusetts I expect to be “Bumped” from the line by one the members of a dozen or so special interest groups who are currently pulling all the strings they can to get to the front of the line. ( Teachers unions – State workers – other unions – etc the list is endless and our Poxy RINO Gov keeps caveing to the connected.

  12. A year ago today, at the end of my Crabby Old Man Wellness Exam, my Primary Care advised me to go straight home, lock my doors, close the blinds, and never venture out into the world again.

    For a year now, we watched the pronouncements from the gummint Talking Heads, we tried to figure out where the hell Fauci was headed, what with him telling us we don’t need masks, then telling us we need mask stacks, then his declarations as to how it will all be over soon to it will never end, (I could go on, but why? The man has proven himself to be a media whore, saying the most contradictory things whenever there is a camera and microphone within shouting distance.) For the past 365 days, there has not been a news station, talk show, or press release that hasn’t bombarded us with all manner of doom saying about our future health, wealth, or survival because of this disease.

    Here at the Old Folks Home, we are all dealing with the health effects that come with our ages. by the Grace of God, we have avoided adding Covid Death to our problems. We wear those damnable masks, we avoid our neighbors (and we have GREAT neighbors,) like they have the plague, and we miss the hell out of our grandbabies. We celebrated Christmas when they gathered in the middle of the street in front of the Home to sing Christmas carols and wave to the grandparents they couldn’t hug.

    Some of us here have decided that taking the shots is a necessary evil that will get them back together with their cherubs. Some of us (myself included) believe that our best bet for surviving this will came from shots of our favorite brown liquor. At our age, we’ve traveled pretty much everywhere we wanted to go, we’ve done about all we wanted to do. We’ve all made it through assorted cancers, organ malfunctions, and now, this lock-down. The good folks at the Buy n’ Bag will deliver the latest phoned in grocery order, and there’s a case of bargain brown liquor and paint thinner due later in the day. We’re as healthy as folks our age can expect and now we just want to be left alone.

  13. I am now over a month out from my last Kung Foo Flu shot, and I have my little vac certificate, I also have my old one from the US of A Army that is over 50 years old and I was filled full of all sort of stuff then. All of that including the new stuff just made my arm sore for a day, that’s it. Several reasons for having the shot, first is it might actually work and keep you from getting sick and second is travel with the third being able as a 75 year old, old man I can get grumpy and growl, go have intercourse with yourself and leave me alone and they do, leave me alone.

    As for Texas we have a huge HEB store and the have not enforced the mask thing on customers for some time and now they are saying, we encourage wearing mask by customers. This week I was in Walmart and Tractor Supply not wearing a mask and no one questioned me at all, same with Home Depot and now we are two days into we are Texas, don’t bother me about that stuff and our town has been wide open for business for a couple of months anyway.

  14. I’m registered and in line to get the J&J shot, and nothing but the J&J shot. Traditional dead-virus mix > rDNA machination. It’s initially “less effective” than the Pfizer or Moderna, but here’s the thing. In the large scale trials, though a higher percentage got “infected”, the rate of Severe Illness or Hospitalization wasn’t “low”. Nope. It was ZERO. The J&J keeps it from killin’ ya, and that’s the whole goal, ain’t it?

    My reasoning is damn near identical to yours. I’ve got tickets in hand, and am flying in April.

    Bit of gun news. Bought a Thompson-Center “Compass” rifle, 6.5 Creedmoor, via Academy, ’bout six months back. Drive out price after all discounts and rebates, under $250. Though it comes with it’s own scope bases (no rings), I’ve yanked those and installed a Warne 20moa one-piece base, with matched 1″ rings. Surplus Nikon scope yanked from old ’06 Mauser out of the depths of the safe, for now. Damn virus has made range time vanishingly rare, but I’ve got a fat stock of assorted ammo for it, and am looking forward to putting the T-C Sub MOA guaranteed (with premium ammo), to the test.

    If I can wring those kind of groups out of the rig, it’ll be the best precision/dollar purchase I’ve made since the CZ-452 Lux in .22 LR, I bought back in ’04. And if it performs thus, I’ll upgrade the glass to a Vortex Viper PST, with MOA turrets & reticle. Yeah, and the 30mm rings, too. The glass will be 2.5x the price of the rifle, but, oh well!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


    The US population has lost 5 IQ points since 1975, even after accounting for ethnic importation. But that’s just coincidence.

    But then, if it takes a few years for the effect of the DNA alterations and the pressures on the virus from a leaky immunity to become evident, that makes it a conspiracy theory.

    In any event, it’s all for naught, because they’ll still screech at you to wear the mask, you’ll still be quarantined to travel, and you’ll still be under all the other restrictions.

  16. Get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

    mRNA based “vaccines” scare me. The idea of hijacking your own cells to produce viral fragments is just insane.

  17. “Anything that allows me to tell the Mask Stasi Karens to fuck off “ is a pretty compelling argument right there.

    But if I take the jab and still have to wear the mask, then fuck the jab; I’d rather roll the dice with the virus than with the virus AND the vaccine.

  18. I agree with you, Kim. I don’t plan on flying anytime soon, but we are traveling to the Carolinas in June (I live in Indiana) for vacation/family visit. And I am sick and tired of the face diaper mandates. I have to wear one at work, and my company will almost certainly require me to do so even after getting the shot(s).

    My concern is that I got the Wuhan Lung Rot about 6 weeks ago from a co-worker. It didn’t affect me that much, my symptoms were very mild. What symptoms I had were gone in 2 days. I never even lost my senses of taste or smell, So should I give up whatever natural immunity I have for an artificial immunity that may or may not be better? I’m not finding anything definitive online.

    1. I’d check because I’ve heard a few places that if you’ve had the real thing, you can have a worse reaction to the shot. Which makes sense. I was told that about some of the older vaccines too; if you’d had the bug, the shot, which you didn’t need anyway, could cause more problems than not which was why they would test you for immunity to whatever bug it was first, before giving you the jab.

  19. I had the virus in August, so I knew I was covered, but I got the vaccine anyway because I believed travel bans would be the next control measure of these poxy comrades.. Some of you readers need to bone up on REAL science when it comes to vaccine approaches. I will be happy to help, having been in medical research for 40+ years.

    1. By the way, I had no reaction to the virus OR the vaccine, and I was in the middle of a major medical crisis.

  20. I’m with Kim on this.

    For Starters:

    Hail Science! In all it’s flawed and broken glory, HAIL THAT SHIT!

    It is the product of the ingenuity of human minds figuring out ways to exploit Nature its very self for the benefit of all, and it brings forth abject Miracles.

    For all of the politicization, pandering and hustling concerning this pandemic, for extracting Maximum Value out of this crisis most pointedly not left to waste, the underlying fact is that there is a Real Disease that carries Significant Medical Consequences under certain conditions.

    Even now, you can see the forces who benefited from the thing scratching their heads trying to figure out it they can squeeze a few more months or miles out of it.

    But they won’t, because here’s the truth of pandemics:

    Other than vaccine, human action doesn’t matter…much.

    The nature of pandemics is that they burn through their human fuel, spiking their numbers high, before they drop off. They come in 2, 3, and in rare cases 4 waves before they subside to a more or less permanent, low background/ambient level. Human action: isolation and contact tracing is sometimes effective in quashing a pandemic at it’s source, ( but once it escapes containment, disease will travel, following humans where ever it can. It’s a numbers game: at most, taking effective measures (N95 or better masks, properly and consistently worn, hand and face hygiene discipline and staying out of crowds) will nudge your personal odds favorably. If enough people do this, the shape of the spike can even be affected, but the SPIKES WILL HAPPEN.

    The way these things work is that disease spikes, humans take whatever action they think is necessary, however effective it actually is or isn’t, the numbers fall, and the humans poke their heads out, the numbers spike, and the whole thing repeats itself…until it doesn’t. No matter what we do or don’t do, it comes to a halt eventually. The vulnerable have become infected, those who are going to die do so, immunities are acquired, and the pathogen mutates to a less ugly form.

    And when that last downslope on the numbers happen, and people stick their heads out of their shells, and there is no spike to speak of, then it’s over. The propaganda and behavioral coercion that has been in play the whole time will collapse, and that’s the end of it.

    1. I’ve said this again, and again, and again.

      It’s a virus. It doesn’t have feet or wings. It’s not going to disapparate into your shnoz.

      It’s a SARS virus. We know how these work. Masks work, cleaning your hands, especially before using your booger picker, works. If you feel vulnerable, wear a mask. If you are sick, wear a mask. This is why places like Singapore had little effort killing it. Let people know, let them decide.

      Otherwise, it’ll be here until it can’t infect anyone else because they are either dead, immune because they got it, or whose immune systems rebuff it anyhow.

      All quarantining does in this world is create hothouse flowers who will immediately get the coof when exposed. All that quarantining does is, since it will never be 100%, is ensure this silliness will go on forever. That may be the point though.

  21. I may or may not get jabbed, but I’m for sure in the market for a fake vaccination certificate, and I have just the low-life dope dealing, black marketing, rotten, conniving, scoff-law nephew who can help me out.

    We live in sad times when there are so many bad laws that our moral duties to defy such laws and actively undermine them become so time consuming and so much effort. But it is kinda fun.

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