1. When John and Harry decided to celebrate their “transition” anniversary they went to the local park and jumped for joy !!!

  2. During a break from their 9-5 ‘careers’ while utterly wasting their few fertile years ‘climbing the corporate ladder’, this pair of cougars are seen baring their fangs in a last desperate attempt at fulfilling their ‘must make babies!’ heritage destiny!


    After decades of ‘on-task, on-mission’ while ‘climbing the corporate ladder’, this pair of middle-age has-beens will ‘do “anything…”‘ for a relationship with ‘a good man’!


    Seen here just prior to the ‘morbidly-obese craze’ of the new century, this pair of ‘sporters’ fairly leaps with excitement at the prospect of laying in the recliner while guzzling unlimited tonnage of corn-chips!, ice cream!, butter!, and BACON!.

  3. ** NSFW or snowflakes **
    ** I am not kidding around here **

    After he administers their morning floggings, Sir Stephen watches O watching Chloe and Jacqueline go eagerly into the garden to be wretchedly abused by the pack of Great Danes!
    Wretchedly abused!
    Again and again, over and over!

  4. Olga and Mika demonstrate how they were able to jump over Checkpoint Charlie without a single guard firing a shot or stopping them.

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