News Roundup

With commentary briefer than a thong bikini worn backwards:

nope:  add stupid meat-eating journalists, politicians and celebrities.

frankly, I can’t see how it could get any worse than it is right now:

and just like that, the Supremes became irrelevant.

[insert “Satan” joke here].

and yet, anyone who’s ever seen or heard dumpy ScotPM Nicola Sturgeon knows that the stereotype isn’t outdated.

following Robert Townsend’s advice in “Up The Organization” (first pub. 1970).

SC’s murder rate to plummet in 3…2…1...

wherein 2021 tries to outdo 2020.

1.) no it isn’t, and 2.) fuck you, Scott.

and fuck you too, Fauci.

Kim’s prediction:  it will be the only novel on Amazon with more favorable reviews than actual buyers.

okay, then let’s “repurpose” the building into a casino.  Especially so when you read shit like this:

here’s a message to the Stupid Party:

Or we could just nuke D.C. and be free of all this kind of shit:

so there we go.

And finally, something worth looking at:


  1. a)
    Reading on my telephone, I was intrigued by your lead photograph ( ‘S’ on three strings ), so I held my finger on the image to initiate a WorldWideWeb search.

    The results must be inaccurate.
    They included links to fellows mis-directing their genitalia to appear to be something they are not… and bolcheviks.
    Fortunately, no mention of First Son hunter biden.
    This time.


    the ‘No To-Fools’ segment of today’s info-tainment

    I believe the correct spelling is ‘toe-foo’.


    The Splendid Isolation blog was suggested to Claire Wolfe after she requested recommendations to re-build her side-bar links.

    Somebody beat me to it.

  2. It’s highly improper to display the American flag in such a manner. She should come to my chambers and remove it.

  3. As a woman, can I say that ‘thong’ in the first photo looks distinctly uncomfortable? (Not to mention the thought of the waxing/shaving required to wear it.) Unless the plan is to get someone to help you remove it as quickly as possible. 🙂

  4. Had the DOE approved the increased energy output, wouldn’t the gas wellheads have still frozen up?

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