Bill Bryson (yes, him again) suggests that everyone should be able to have ten things (people, concepts, activities, whatever) that they can hate, without apology or explanation.

Longtime Readers will know that I would have difficulty keeping the list to ten — as Insty would say, I really need a bigger blog to contain all the things that truly make my trigger finger itch — but if I can create universal categories of hatred, I might be able to give it a try.  Let’s see how this goes, and in no specific order, my ten hates are:

  1. Anyone affiliated with the Democrat Party since 1880
  2. The music recording industry
  3. Modern architecture (brutalism, Bauhaus etc.), its creators and practitioners (Le Corbusier, Van der Rohe, Jahn, Pei etc.)
  4. All music composed and released since 2005 — performers, producers, composers, whatever
  5. Automotive design since 1990
  6. Google — everything about it
  7. Journalists, almost without exception
  8. Anarchism and anarchists
  9. Large corporations (referred to as Global MegaCorp on these pages)
  10. Wokism.

Note that I have excluded mere irritants like astrology, veganism, libertarianism, cyclists, the 9mm Europellet and similar nonsense from the above list, because they are largely the result of stupidity rather than actual evil.

As for the list itself, however, I put it to you that if by some kind of magic all ten of those things were to disappear tomorrow, the world would be a far better place to live in.

Feel free to add your own hates, in Comments.  Remember:  no explanation or justification is necessary.


  1. Make your dividing line for Democrats 1896 to recognize the last good Democrat, Grover Cleveland. He once vetoed a bill for flood relief because he couldn’t find any authorization for it in the Constitution.

  2. Re new music, I must disagree, respectfully. I have been forced to listen to lots of new music in the last 2 years because my wife demanded I take ballroom dancing lessons with her and now I’m mostly retired all of my ‘no time’ excuses were defeated.

    Our teachers are 3 young ladies in their twenties and early thirties and we dance to what they think is appropriate and some of their “young person” music I like very much. As my daddy always said 90% of everything is trash and that applied to the new tunes but there were some gems amidst the garbage. They also got me appreciating some older stuff I had always ignored, and foreign stuff because so much modern ballroom dancing is Latin

    Baila Me, Gypsy Kings
    Lou Bega, Sweet like Cola
    George Ezra, Budapest
    Pa’ bailar, Bajofondo
    Best Day Of My Life, American Authors

    Lots of it is light, but fun.

    Also, it may be the appearance of our teachers influences me. Dance studios do not hire ugly teachers, no, no, no they do not.

    1. Thanks for the “head’s up” about TSFH. I clicked on the link and have been enjoying their music ever since.

  3. I don’t hate the Republicans since 1960 (actually, since Calvin Coolidge), but I sure would like to use some of them e.g. Mitt Romney for bayonet practice.

  4. Aesop, the blogger.

    People who take over companies with no knowledge of the products made and then cut corners on the production said products to increase profit. This often results in an inferior offering compared to the original.

    Pedophiles (yeah, that was an easy one).

    Anyone at any level of government who thinks they know how to run my life better than I.

    Whoever invented rap.

    Karens and Kens (my word for male Karens).

    Narcissists. So many ills and evils in the world stem from these *hitstains.

    I could go on but, damn it, I have to get ready for work so I can fuel, via taxes, those who work to destroy me and my civilization.

  5. The only item on the list I take exception to is #4 — there’s been plenty of good music composed and performed since then — it just doesn’t get promoted heavily so it’s a bit harder to find, is all. But once you find it, you’re good.

    The group “Twos Steps from Hell” and composer Thomas Bergersen’s music makes my soul sing. An example (though perhaps a bad one, since it’s composed by TSFH’s other composer Nick Phoenix) — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nKqerDrg7M

  6. In no particular order:

    Toyota Pry-us cars.

    An acquaintance had one.
    In the passenger seat, I was looking up at the bumpers of trucks.
    I ended the ride terrorfied, covered in sweat.


    Anybody waking me for anything less than the bed aflame and the building collapsing.
    This’s a capital offense, and rightly so.


    Here is the top of my list:
    * Dogs getting old and dying on me.
    That shouldn’t happen… and yet, it does, all too often.

  7. 1. I’d go back to Andrew Jackson for the Democrat hate.
    4. There are still some good guitar pickers out there, for example: Samantha Fish, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks.
    5. Agree wholeheartedly about the exterior design, but under the hood and with suspensions, brakes, and tires great advancements have been made. We are living in the golden age of horsepower. Also no manual transmissions. That’s why I still have my 1986 Mercedes Benz 300E with 5-speed transmission.
    11. Plastic guns. Don’t see why you missed this one.

    1. I was about to write that.

      #1 includes #s 2,6,7,8,9, and 10 pretty much in their entirety, and the parts not so included are generally ok.

  8. I agree with Modern Architecture, with the caveat that we exclude “Post Modern” Architecture, which shows some sign of recovering from the damage.

  9. The democrat party association deserves hatred and revulsion going back to the Civil War if not earlier. Read up on the Copperheads. The whole party remains today the party of slavery, just under different guises.

    As others have mentioned there may be a few exceptions for specific democrats who were probably to their gang what rinos are to the stupid party.

    Volkswagen beetles, buses, and citroen 2CVs. UGLY.

    Transnational postmodernism, marxism, and socialism. Wokism is an adjunct.

    The current states of kalifornia, new york, new jersey, Massachusetts, oregon, etc.

    The metastasizing cancer of leftists fleeing the hellholes they made and infecting places that had not yet been ruined by them. Nest fouling filth.

  10. Democrat Party members — by which I mean those who managed to get elected to a position in Government at any level.
    Anyone who thinks that they are Democrat party members if they are only registered as Democrat yet do not have a position receiving a government paycheck that requires they run for election

  11. 1) Thieves -thieves of property, liberty, life etc. THis takes care of statist Democrats who steal our earnings through excessive taxes, lives through infanticide and gun ownership restrictions, and common everyday thieves
    2) Journalists
    3) Google and most big tech, who inflict their censorship onto the rest of us
    4) music companies -I’m sure they just pick winners and exclude very talented people from success.
    5) auto designers who put needless electronics in cars that don’t last. We don’t need over complication to our machines
    6) liberal progressive statists of whatever variant, Democrat, socialists, communists, anarchists, environmentalists etc quite a bit of overlap with #1

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