Still More Eco-Loony Bullshit

Are the Brits going stark, raving mad?  This would certainly seem to indicate so:

A dramatic report from the government’s Climate Change Committee laid out a swathe of measures to slash emissions over the next 15 years.
It urged moves including halting sales of gas boilers by 2033, banning new fossil-fuelled cars – including hybrids – by 2032, and encouraging people to cut the amount of meat and dairy they eat by a fifth in the next decade.

None of this is going to happen, of course.  They might as well try to end murder by making it illegal… oh, wait.

Basically, all this amounts to a government increasing its hold over the population by ratcheting the screws ever tighter.

Of course, there is a way to fix this tyranny:

…but no doubt someone is going to have a problem with my suggestion.


  1. The tyrants are trying to build a nation of cucks and cunts. 90% will lay down and take it up the ass, 10% will resist. Just like the US.

  2. Ban oil and gas heaters and plant millions more trees…….

    …….. which will come in handy as the population switches back to coal and wood burning fireplaces.

  3. Gas boilers and electric cars are more due to oil reserves running out than eco-lunacy.

    Meat and dairy? Yup, eco-lunacy.

    1. As oil prices go up (Whenever, actually) there are a lot of wells from which it is harder and therefore more expensive to extract oil. There are owners of oil wells out there who know exactly how much the price of oil has to rise in order for their well to reopen profitably.

  4. These nutters look to RObert Mugabe, Fidel Castro and the NorKo Gargoyle as inspiration to drive us all to mud hits and government dependency. At best they might let us be as advanced as Communist China with social standing used to determine whether we get to eat or not


    1. I think more along the lines of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. They had the ultimate greenie agenda, everyone living in the countryside under the most primitive of conditions, farming with only hand tools to feed the world (or rather the party elite while everyone else starved to death who wasn’t tortured to death for killing and eating a mouse or some grass they got from the side of the road).

  5. I’m not sure the hardcore American supporters in the AM Revolution numbered more than 10%. Sometimes it’s enough.

  6. Sounds like what the Dutch government is planning, but shifted BACK a few years.
    They’ve already decided to ban the sale of central heating systems by 2025, are actively pushing people to a vegan diet by destroying cattle and pig farmers, thus causing meat prices to skyrocket (which also means more tax income for them of course).
    They’ve committed themselves to reducing the “nitrogen emissions” of the entire country by 95% in under a decade, meaning farmers will no longer be able to fertilise their fields at all, breeding animals will become impossible, as will building anything at all using concrete or cement.
    Plans to ban the sale of anything except electric cars by 2025 or 2030 at the latest are in advanced stages, will no doubt be forced through parliament right after the national elections early next year (if those don’t get canceled because of covid, which I suspect they’re going to try for).

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