Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

So you and three of your compadres / homeboys / members of the choir decide to get together for a little undocumented property redistribution.  What happens next?

Hey, it’s Louisiana, baby:

A homeowner in Lacombe, Louisiana, shot and killed two alleged intruders Tuesday morning and sent two others to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

While some may think that a 50% kill rate is a little low, I think that putting all four down — especially during what seems to have been a gun battle — is quite laudable.  Note that the two who didn’t snuff it will now face the death penalty anyway, so there’s that.

Damn… this ammo shortage may force me to use my new Savage .22 rifle to celebrate the Happy Dance, instead of the customary AK-47.

These are tough times we live in.  A little less tough than if we were burglars in Lacombe LA, though.


  1. KLFY Headline: “Robbery gone wrong: Lacombe homeowner shoots intruders – two dead, three injured”

    Is there such a thing as a robbery gone right?

  2. About the ammo shortage, a possible solution.
    Recently came across a local website that is pretty spartan but gathers all sorts of local ads for all sorts of things. Found an ad where the seller is making available large volumes of .22 ammo for 8 cents a round. My shooting neighbor went together and bought 3800 rounds of various mfrs long rifle rounds in brand new boxes. Total cost? $220. woo-hoo!

    Look around in your area, there may be places like this, which to me seems like a black market enterprise, which is fine with me. Cut out the thieving assed middle man. Here’s the site I am talking about.


    I’ll be watching this place for any other attractive deals.

  3. And then there’s this broad: Bizarre Chainsaw Attack Sparks Viral 2A Video That Hits Home With Black Women

    Lovely headline fo sho. Except as far as I can tell, she shot him once and then ran away. While he chased her. With a chainsaw. She’s in need of counsel: keep shooting til he goes down and stays that way, sweet pea.

  4. WGNO quoted St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Randy Smith saying, “While it is always tragic anytime there is a loss of life, I am pleased that due to the rapid response time of our deputies all parties that were involved in this isolated incident have been accounted for.”

    Yeah, there’s nothing quite like having an extra body at a crime scene.

    1. Or two, and two yutes who are about to learn a relevant part of the criminal code called Felony Murder.

  5. Very nice shooting, indeed.

    I hope the homeowner’s child recovers fully and quickly.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. A crappy place to live, not that the poor lady deserved to be robbed and murdered, although the two surviving thugs are desperately trying to make up a story making that exact assertion so they can claim self-defense.

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