1. Reminds me of an old Steve Martin bit: Farrah Fawcett is so conceited. She’s never even called me once. After all the time I’ve spent holding up her poster. With one hand.

  2. A lovely young woman, to be sure. Sadly, my first thought on seeing that top picture was … lawn chair.

  3. Back when beautiful women had real tits.

    And call me old fashioned, but I like my women natural, with a proper bush.

    I missed the significance of the uh-oh image and hit that thing just as the wife walked by. Lots of fluttery fingers in the iPad.

    She didn’t seem to notice and knows better than to say anything. I’d simply point out how smoking hot women were back then.

        1. She had dental work done — crowns. I suppose you’re going to complain about that, too?


          1. No, but those Gen 1 implants were not only unnatural feeling but tended to burst and leak. I prefer Dagmars on mid century Caddys.
            They have most likely been update to a newer model.

  4. I actually met Farrah Fawcett many years ago. She seemed like a sweet personable woman and was definitely a looker, even fully clothed.

    Here we have two photos of her. The top one has to be one of the most unflattering photos of Farrah I have ever seen. And even though it wasn’t my first thought, I have to agree with Uncle Kenny – lawn chair – indeed.

    The second photo reminded me that, like Techiedude, I miss seeing photos of nude models who still sport an actual “bush”. I never liked the shaved pubis that has become so popular these past years. I understand shaving the bikini line, but good grief, you would think models nowadays were all trying to look like they are – prepubescent. I would rather see one in a bikini than that.

    And as far as the chest goes, implants or not, they are at least – proportional – and they look good on her. Okay, I get it. I am in the minority here. But I cannot stand the – XXL watermelons on a size 6 body – that are so popular with men these days.

    1. My personal thought is that there should be a middle ground between bare or landing strip and hair everywhere.

  5. “Greenskeepers” are expensive, it just easier to shave as much as you’re comfortable with.

  6. Chuckling at a memory, for those of you who were there:

    “Well, there goes that fantasy”

    And for those were weren’t, I’m sorry. I shan’t sully the moment.

  7. Turn the top pik 90 degrees to the left to see how she looks “folded up like a step ladder”.

  8. I’m 51, Farrah still occupies a warm spot in my heart, and youthful wishes that she occupied a warm spot in my bed.

    Re: implants; not impossible, but her tits look pretty much identical in her later nudie pics as they did at the beginning of her career, and are not large, but perfectly proportioned to her frame. Although true that most gal’s have a bit of droop by the time they are her age in the PB pictorial, lack of droop does not mean they’re fake. My similar aged wife, who better not see this, like, ever, is build quite like Farrah, and her boobs look like a 14yo who just got them out of the box for Christmas, and they are 100% OEM. (shrug) Someone out there had to be the standard for all those silicone sacks.

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