1. Yesterday I acted like I was 8.
    I laid on the floor with a kitty.
    Yes, the furry 4 legged kind.
    No, nobody was watching.

  2. Be a little careful brother. The hospitals are pretty well booked up. I find that I can do most of what I did at 40 but it just takes me a lot longer time. The stuff I can’t do probably wasn’t worth doing anyway.

  3. In my case, acting like I was 40 probably WOULD kill me. Hell; acting like I was 50 leaves me winded some days.

  4. Still got most of my hair (talk about your fifty shades of gray,) my doctors don’t want me anywhere near those puros, and I think I have that exact jacket in the back of my closet. I could dig it out and act like I was forty years younger, but there’s no way it would still fit. Things tend to shrink if left in the dark.

  5. My mantra, for years, has been “I remember my youth, and may God save me from a relapse!”

    Seriously, it’s a wonder nobody strangled me. Probably because the majority of the people who knew me were about the same age and similarly obnoxious, and my parents have always been exceptionally understanding of youthful folly, having done their fair share and then some.

    But since my early 30’s I have been a textbook example of what I call ‘Early Onset Geezerhood’. I first grasped this when I was working retail in a mall, and realized that my reaction to the exceptionally nubile teenyboppers rippling past in their stripper-chic was “*sigh* yeah…..but she’d want to TALK afterwards, and she has nothing upstairs but meringue.”

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