1. I’m not even going to bother to look, I don’t need the disappointment. My ammo “shopping” comes and goes. I have plenty but always want more, so when the urge hits I go looking. And usually, lately, that looking ends in disgust.

  2. I tried to do my part. I ordered 1000 pieces of 9mm brass last night – I have enough bullets and primers and a couple of sealed 20 year old cans of powder that a friend gave me a while back. When the brass comes in I’ll build the ammo and put my cost for the rounds back into the mad money stash. I’m going to call it $10 for a box of 50 although I know that I won’t replace it that cheaply in the next couple of years (if at all).

  3. I will run my Dillon for an hour tonight in your honor… that should be enough time to spit out ~700 euro pellets. Loaded up another 100 poodle shooter rounds last night.

    I am a bit afraid that the 3 Gun matches around me are going to dry up because competitors are running out of factory ammo…. My fellow RO had to switch to his .40, ahh the youth, not remembering/learning from the last time this happened.

  4. Did my bit up here in Canuckistan. Grabbed 800 rounds of 22LR at a little under 10 cents a round. Might have to make another run for more. That stuff is getting scarce and expensive. Got enough reload supplies for euro pellets and .45 so no need to go looking. Saving over 50% on reloading 9mm currently and more for .45.

  5. First, Happy Birthday, Kim!

    Second? Might not qualify as a National Ammo Day purchase, but yesterday, the UPS truck did happen to drop off a box containing:

    280 rounds, factory-new Norma Match, 130 gr., in 6.5 Creedmore.


    260 rounds, once-fired brass, of the same, in their original boxes. From the same lot number as the aforementioned factory-new rounds.

    Alas, it was a private-purchase arrangement vs. retail. Regardless, my ammo shelves groaned just that bit more, as they couldn’t tell the difference.

    Soon to arrive: 1 brick of CCI .22 LR Sub-Sonic. Out of the 24.8″ bbl. of the CZ 452 Lux, the sub-sonic ammo “is as” the same as a 10/22 with a premium can at the muzzle. That extra barrel length assures that every last bit of powder is consumed before the bullet clears the crown.

    When firing, you hear the striker/firing pin hit the cartridge. “Click”. Then, the “clang” of the bullet hitting steel at 100 yards. All 100% legal, nary a bit of extra paperwork or tax required.

    It is my hope that such a useful implement shall not be required to be as “useful” as projected, in the ensuing weeks, months and years.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  6. Happy Birthday Kim,
    May you and yours be blessed with many, many more.

    Since August I’ve laid in a supply of over 3,000 rounds of CCI Clean, but a couple weeks ago the well went dry.

    I passed this post along to several like-minded Patriots … one’s buying (or attempting to buy) ammo today, and a buddy in mAssachusetts with a press will roll a couple hundred 9mm, because he can.

    In celebration of your b-day, eat too much, drink a little too much, and frolic with delight with The Missus.
    יום הולדת שמח

  7. Happy birthday Kim!

    Just ordered 100 rounds of Fiocchi .32 S&W Long wadcutters for today.

  8. Didn’t buy anything today, but I made up for it earlier in the month when I got a 1200rd can of 5.56 55gr, and another 1200rd can of 5.56 62gr …. both by IMI from Midway. Would have got more but they put an embargo of 1 can/day/buyer on it, and on day three they were out (again).

  9. The ONLY ammo I could find for any of my firearms was 22LR, and they would only sell one box per person. So that’s what I got. 9mm and 45? The guy behind the counter just chuckled. Ain’t none to be found in a ten mile radius right now, or online for less than an arm and a leg.

  10. Did someone mention a birthday? I hope there was plenty of cake and happiness. And maybe even some cordite :).

  11. I purchased 300 rounds of white box .45ACP for National Ammo Day. I was returning something to Cabelas and happened to catch them stocking ammo that had just arrived. I was limited to just one, but I was happy to have found it. They only received five and two were already sold. I’m sure the remaining two didn’t last an hour.

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