Black Lists Matter

Boycotting things and businesses has traditionally been a tool of the Left — flood a TV show’s advertiser with calls, threatening to boycott the company’s products unless they stop supporting [Tucker Carlson], etc.

We on the conservative side have had a few ourselves — anyone remember the anger when gun writer Dave Petzal  Jim Zumbo (sorry, Dave)  said that nobody needed an AR-15?  or the boycott of Smith & Wesson when the hapless gunmaker made a deal with the Clinton junta?  We will not even speak of Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc.

I myself have a list of businesses and brands that I will never consider, mostly because of their anti-gun positions:

  • Levi Strauss
  • Leatherman
  • REI
  • Patagonia
  • Starbucks
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • AARP
  • Dick’s
  • Ben & Jerry
  • Doordash
  • GrubHub
  • Hallmark
  • Jack In The Box
  • Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Walgreens (they fire employees who protect themselves with guns)
  • Sara Lee
  • Costco
  • Panera
  • Waffle House
  • Target
  • Whole Foods

There are some companies that I “semi-boycott”, e.g.:

  • CitiBank:  I have a Citi Visa because I get airline miles from using it — but I only use it to make firearms-related purchases.  And if they stop accepting custom from the places which sell me those products, I’ll pay it off and cut it up.  I sent their marketing department a letter to that effect a couple years back.
  • Target:  I buy two products (and only two) from Target, simply because it’s the only place in Plano that carries them.
  • Waffle House:  I used to go to Waffle House weekly.  Now I only go there when I’m on the road, absolutely starving and there’s nowhere else to go.  (Maybe twice in the past three years.)

Some of the companies are easy to boycott, because I dislike their products, period (e.g. Starbucks, whom I treat like a public toilet facility, but never buy anything from), or I prefer the alternative anyway (Swiss Army knives over Leatherman, etc.).

Also, while a number of companies have official “don’t bring your gun in here” policies, the local branches (especially in Texas) adopt a “you must be kidding” attitude instead.  (Our local Kroger hadn’t even heard about Kroger’s policy when I asked the manager about it, and he just said, “Don’t worry about it.  I’m not about to risk losing half my business because of Corporate.”)

Anyway, that’s my blacklist.  Feel free to add your own, in Comments.


    1. Proctor and Gamble, the head of the snake. They put a coupon flyer with only P&G coupons in the Sunday rag. Right into the recycle bin, unopened. I used Old Spice deodorant for decades. No more. Chik Fil A. Nuff said. Nike. Waffle House, you need to carry a .45, bear spray, and wear body armor, no thanks. Never stepped foot in Target, don’t plan to. Same with Starbucks, Panera, Dicks, REI, and I’d never use those delivery services.

  1. Local Krogers, like yours, seems to ignore the corporate gun policy. However, they are zealous enforcers of training burkas and corporate has sent millions to various left wing causes. Ditto for Walmart on all counts. The elephant in the room, of course is Amazon. They don’t sell guns and never have because they were established after mail order guns were outlawed. Lots of accessories though not a lot you couldn’t get at Brownells. As for general left wing stuff, they are the king, queen and all the nobility. They send billions to the Left and down in the bowels or the organization, there are people that think Bezos is not woke enough. The trouble we face is that most of the corporate sector has become collaborators, if not outright commies. If you boycotted every company that deserved it, you couldn’t buy anything. Tech, entertainment and finance are the worst but groceries, cars, and general retail have become problems too. Boycotts are probably only worthwhile if the target is not only deserving but vulnerable meaning teetering on the brink and selling only goods and services only us depolorables buy.

    At the risk of being thought a commie, let me suggest that what we need to solve the general problem is deployment of governmental power on our behalf. Only government is powerful enough to oppose the entrenched and hostile power of the corporate sector. I know all the arguments as to why this is a bad idea but we are in an existential struggle and you use every weapon that comes to hand or you lose. Priority One is to crush the tech oligarchs since they are not only hostile and monopolistic but also control our ability to communicate and thus to organize.

      1. If we destroy, with Extreme Prejudice, Antifa and BLM, it doesn’t matter how many Karens there are in Corporate that wants to support those that no longer exist.

        1. Antifa and BLM are just cannon fodder. They will be replaced perhaps by something with a different name. The high level leftists are the root problem.

  2. Related point.

    As Instapundit often writes, “Get woke, go broke”.

    A few years ago I started signing up for reporting emails in the Shareholder Relations section in the websites of corporations in which we own shares. Holy shit, it’s clear there’s a whole lot of politically correct, leftist, social justice warrior bullshit going out there in big public companies. It has no business there and is wrecking hem. The wreckers don’t care, their leftist buddies elsewhere will look after them when their company is wrecked.

    I’m currently dumping Dow Chemical which recently proudly emailed me to say : “MIDLAND, Mich. – September 24, 2020 – (NYSE: DOW) today announced that four leaders earned recognition on three 2020 HERoes Women Role Model lists, including HERoes 100 Women Executives List, HERoes 50 Advocates List and HERoes 100 Women Future Leaders List.”

    It gets worse.

    Anybody contemplating any investment in a public company needs to read its press releases. There’s some shocking ugly commie crap going on out there.

  3. Good list. Most difficult for me to follow:
    Levis – tried Wranglers and others. After 55 years of wearing them, apparently nothing but Levis fit my old ass.
    REI – been a member since 1975. They have lots of good equipment. Hell, they were eco-commies in a hippie kind of way long before I joined up, but perhaps we are just less tolerant of that now.
    AARP, on the other hand, are hard-core leftists masquerading as a benevolent old-people’s organization. Zero tolerance for that.

      1. Primerica, too. Talk to an agent from any other life insurance company. It’s only Term Insurance, and the premiums go up as they age. It is not explained that way to the clients.

  4. I really don’t have any more room for lists. Sorry. I just boycott the shit out of everybody and everything. I buy very little of anything and when I do buy I don’t give a shit about it’s background. If you delve far enough you’ll find everybody is an asshole.

    Today, for example, I’m going to buy 4 loaves of wheat bread (1 for the larder and 3 for the freezer) and 4 gallons of milk (1 for the fridge and 3 for the freezer) and don’t give one runny shit about anything to do with them. Then, I won’t buy that shit again until next month. So yeah, today they’ll get fat on my coin but they won’t make another red cent off my ass til next month.
    fuk em ded

  5. I boycott as much liberal minded companies I can.

    REI does carry rather good quality equipment at very high prices. I joined REI’s coop a year or two ago. Usually I go to their garage sales to buy used equipment in good condition at discounted costs. If I do choose to buy something new, I look at it at REI and buy somewhere else at a lower price.

    Levis and other companies that got woke can go broke. Nike, Levis, Buffalo Wild Wings, any anti firearm rights company can go pound sand.


    1. I stopped going to REI when they blocked my dog at the door. Cabellas, Bass Pro, Sportsmans and the rest have no problem with animals.

  6. Back when I was a lad, Dick’s had one store, in Binghamton, NY. It was where you went for anything outdoor sports related and didn’t carry any of the crap they do now. It was almost all hunting, trapping, fishing and shooting related gear and apparel. I bought my first batch of shotshell reloading gear there in 1976. The building is still there; I think it’s an auto repair shop now. Haven’t been in their stores since I left Binghamton in 1980.

    As a side note, before my mom met my dad, she dated Dick for a while. Go figure.

  7. I have needed a list for a while.

    I quit going to Target years ago when they ran off the Salvation Army bellringers, but i have lapsed and returned to buy a few products from it that I can’t find elsewhere.

    I abhor Starbucks (as in breaking out in hives if I walk past one in an airport).

    I didn’t know about Kroger being anti-gun, but, since I keep a revolver in the same pocket as my money and credit cards, many cashiers see me shift it to my back pocket as I’m clearing the way to get to my Kroger card and credit card.

    I’ve spent less than $100 at Dick’s ever since it stopped selling handguns and eventually ammo and long guns.

    I boycott other vendors which look to be of the same multi-culti ilk as the known progressive brands.

    To Hell with all of them.

  8. Verily I say unto you, that is my list as well.

    I’d add Gillette as well. I bought an old school safety razor and use Japanese feather blades. Learn how to shave, it’ll save you a ton of money.

    I’m vendor loyal to a fault. But when I get cheesed off, I never go back.

    This is why this is why I haven’t darken the doors of a Copeland’s or TGI Friday’s in nearly a decade or more.

  9. Dumped WalMart when their simpering CEO pouted about Assault Rifles and banned semi-auto rifle as well as pistol ammunition sales. Then the simp pledged to work with the Bloomberg’s Demanding Mommies and donated millions to the cause of anti-freedom. Going for the trifecta, the twit donated a similar amount to BLM. To Hells with Pajama Boi and his company.

    I’ve only gone back because my blood work lab is in WalMart and very convenient. I always walk out without buying anything Chinese.

    And they are still requiring Florida residents to wear a Face Diaper, when our Gov (not the naked one with a meth pipe and a comatose male hooker) has “Opened” the state. Just another reason to stay away from WalMart.

    1. Living in NV (an open carry state) I love shopping at my local (142-miles away) WallyWorld, and just walking by the House Stasi at the front door with my Para on my hip, and a bandana loosely arraigned about my jaw and let it immediately drop – asthma, you know.

  10. A large part of the historical problems in SE Asia were due to the management of a large rubber company and its holdings there, and it only cost us 58K deaths (in country).
    So, much as I appreciate the performance of their tires, fuck ’em.

  11. Another way to deal with Prime is to order one thing at a time to maximize their shipping costs.

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