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Finally — finally! — I was able to get to the range yesterday, and I think the sighting-in is almost complete.  Good grief, it’s been so long (thank you, Chinkvirus), that I probably need to remind y’all what the heck I’m talking about (link):

Here’s the target, at 100 yards:

That was with El Cheapo (Prvi Partizan) ammo.  LOL on me, by the way:  in the five-shot group, the bottom three were the first fired;  then I adjusted the scope and fired off two (the top two that are almost touching) — only I adjusted the scope UP instead of DOWN because Idiot Kim.  Finally got it more or less right, although I’m peeved that none of the final three were touching.

Next week, I’ll try a couple different makes over two or more range sessions, see which one works best, and then hold the drawing next weekend.   Which means the Hawkeye should be on its way to its new owner around August 20.

Good luck to you all.


  1. I’ve had very good luck with Prvi ammo–I managed a 0.43″ five shot group with it at 100 yards out of my K31. It works well in my Swedish Mausers too. ;^)

  2. Wonder how you like the Zeiss scope? Does it live up to the good reviews? Also which scope mount – standard rings or some sort of cantilever 1 piece?

    1. I love the Zeiss, although if asked to choose between it and a Minox ZX5 of similar magnification and size, I’d be in trouble. (The Minox is slightly cheaper, the Zeiss is better at gathering the light, in my experience.)
      See the link in the post for all the data.

  3. A) Given the chinkvirus and not being able to get to the range lately (and the fact we’re of about the same age, and therefore eyesight), I think that final group is DAMN FINE! Not touching notwithstanding. If I went out with my heavy-stocked, heavy-barreled .308 and my 10X scope today, I can pretty much guarantee I would NOT be posting my targets up on the Internet afterwards. Bravo, sir! Yes, they could be touching, but, knowing you, had you taken a break and fired a few more cartridges, you’d have gotten there in short order.

    B) While I share your love of traditional wood stocked guns and non-f’ed up 1911’s and other classic pistols, my only long range precision rifle is similarly outfitted, and while certainly not beautiful … that gun is definitely more handsome than most. I likey! A lot!

    It’s just a shame you didn’t get to go to Boomershoot this year. >:( Damn Chicoms.

  4. Treat it well Kim. It’s going to look great in my safe. Seriously don’t worry friends. The only drawing I ever “won” was the draft – and I figured that 4 years in the navy was better than 2 in the infantry. Then they sent me to VietNam anyway.

    1. Draft Lotto winner here too. The years before I was eligible, my number was in the 300’s. When it was my year to play, my number came up 20. I got very drunk that night and decided to dodge the Draft. Next morning I was first in line at the Air Force recruiter. Trained as a 902 Medical Specialist, I got to travel to exotic (?) places on the taxpayers dime.

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