News Roundup

…with 0nly occasional links because, really, some things are just not worth getting into any deeper[Extreme Puke Alert]

and in other news, journalists and Democrat politicians sometimes lie.  And speaking of which:

backed up by none other than:

I’d suggest that someone Epsteins this foul Stalinist bitch, but unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the Praetorian Guard will turn on this Caesar.

me neither.  If Texas couldn’t turn purple with Skateboard Jesus  Butt-Boy Beto, it ain’t gonna happen this time.

or 200,000 or 100 million.  Pick a number (except zero), and Fuckhead Fauci will accept it.

yeah, all those guns lying around just got up all by themselves and started shooting at random people in the streets.  Another fucking Marxist (see above) who needs “special treatment” (see:  Pinochet).
And to add a gasoline hose to the fire:

…and therefore:

I would remind everyone that this Castroist lickspittle was elected to office not just once but twice by Noo Yawkers.

But enough politics.  Let’s talk about health, and the lying liars who claim to know what’s best for us.

and eating too little red meat makes you look like a vegan.  Checkmate.

except that last week, we were told that a glass of red wine with dinner “could”  prolong life.

I know what all the above makes me feel like:

Glasses are for amateurs.


  1. If Trump gets accused of calling up the militia anyway, he might as well do it.

    1. TX? To while away the hours it takes to get across TX, I liked to count the bullet holes in roadside signs, had to keep a scratch pad hand to jot down each “20” or I tended to lose count.
      Now, that one almost looks like it got toasted with a flame-thrower.

      1. they get necklaced – e.g. throw a tire on it, fill it with gasoline and set ‘er alight.

        that’s the one good contribution from we’ve learned from Africans in Africa.

  2. Re: Ms. Dunham:

    I pity the poor bastard tattooist that had to decorate that carcass.

  3. Red meat is one of the best sources for iron. Red meat, liver, and certain seafoods combined with certain leafy greens (that improve iron uptake) are recommended for people who suffer from iron deficiency.

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