Missing Boolets

Reader JD sends me this little snippet:

Germany’s armed forces, the Bundeswehr, has confirmed it is missing more than 60,000 rounds of ammunition.

…or, about the same number of rounds we expended in a single afternoon at a Nation Of Riflemen shoot a dozen years ago.  But here’s the not-so fun part:

Another 48,000 rounds from an elite special unit with links to right-wing extremism are also unaccounted for.

Just so we’re all clear on what these media assholes are implying:  a study taken a while ago showed that a few members of Krautland’s G9 Special Forces group were — gasp! — of a conservative bent.  None were actually ever proven to be members of any right-wing extremist groups, it’s just that some of their opinions were the same as those of the BLM (Kraut wing — they’re a neo-Nazi crowd, not Commies like our version).

What DW  is implying, therefore, is not that their army and SF are careless with ammo, or that they’re not accounting for their ammo properly;  they’re hinting that some of their soldiers may be shipping ammo to neo-Nazi groups.

There’s fuck-all evidence that any of this is happening, of course:  it’s just part of the leftwing media agitprop.  As the Emperor Misha has so rightly stated:

Rope.  Tree.  Journalist.  Some assembly required.


  1. Maybe some of our German cousins (Mom’s side of the family,) have decided to try an alternate to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel immigration policies.

  2. …. or more likely some OCD Kraut is all wound up because they can’t get 10 years worth of daily reports to crossfoot properly.

    Of course it’s also always possible that this is laying the groundwork for the next WMD snipe hunt aimed at right wing organizations.

  3. My goodness, 60,000 rounds missing over a ten year period of time equals 6K rounds per year which is 500 per month which is one small order from Brownells or Midway or a couple of good days at the range.

      1. I am ten minutes from the local range for .22LR which I shoot a lot and since I am a member I can unlock the gate, go in and shoot a nice steel challenge set up for an hour or two and then come back home, at times I meet my shooting friends out there and the fee is an annual of less than $50. I am a thirty min. drive from the Bandera Gun Club and since I am a life member the charge for rifle, pistol is $5 or $5 per round of skeet. Hill Country Gun range outside of Kerrville is also 30 min drive with fees of $6.50 and I have never had to wait at any of these places so mine is mostly short sessions done about once each week. Damn I like being an old retired guy who can go out weekday mornings and just take my time, all outdoor ranges and I have not shot indoors for over eight years.

  4. I’m not up on my Deutch wachen, but didn’t Frau Merkel announce she was disbanding the German SF because of “right wing leanings”?

    And yes 60000 rounds over 10 years is not all that much. Maybe several soldaten just carried some home in their pockets after range day.

  5. 60,000 rounds??

    Hell, down here in the toastier parts of the United States, that’s what a lot of folks have in their garage.

    And no Cracker has ever invaded Poland.

    1. I don’t have anything like that amount… well, not in a single caliber anyway.

  6. Remember that according to the European MSM, anything to the left of Mao and Stalin is “far right extremist”.

    And we all know police and military tend to be less leftist than the MSM and their political masters.

  7. I was at that Nation of Riflemen shoot a dozen or so years ago.

    A great time to was had by all.

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