1. Ugh, you HAD to post that not only before my breakfast, but before my morning bourbon.

    I’ll admit she doesn’t look BAD for a 61 year old, but she’s still a skank. Any potential prurient interest is dampened by the fact you’d catch something they haven’t named yet, let a long found a cure for. I’ve no desire to have a social disease named after me.

  2. The Johnny Depp likeness is apt, but he wears more eye makeup –cf. Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean.

  3. What do you call a woman who takes her clothes off for money? I thought she was kind of creepy 30 years ago when she was doing strange stuff with no clothes on trying to stay relevant and now at least I know she is still alive and while I wish her no harm, I don’t give a shit.

    1. Granny broke her leg a while back, no doubt doing shit she has no business doing at her age.

  4. If a woman comes out of lockdown without her roots showing, it can be taken as prima face evidence that she violated quarantine.

  5. I was just learning how arousing girls were when she was a rising pop star. To this day, I do not understand what people find so attractive about her and time has certainly not been kind to her.

  6. 61????? right…….. so that would have made her 11 when Penthouse first did a pictorial on her in the early days of “the Pubic Wars” in 1970. Yes, she was underage at the time … but not that young. Living proof that enough $$$ can still do wonders in the hands of the right surgeons.

  7. She surely worked the whole pop-star business for all it was worth. Nice voice. So-so choices about songs.


    Picture kinda reminds me of a story I heard/read about Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Supposedly a reasonably well know (gay) wardrobe designer said of it (though not to her face) “Janet, sweetie, after a certain age, nobody wants to see those flapping in the breeze.”

    Madonna, dearie, you’re in your sixties. At that age, posing nude is the very definition of aging gracelessly.

  8. And for the “encore”, a nude selfie with the pope. Don’t put it past her, that Argentine street rat is right there at the same level and is a full blown Marxist to boot.

  9. I didn’t realize it was Madonna but at first glance thought it was a twink.

    I’ve seen more than my share of women this week who have dude faces. Wall smashes aren’t pretty.

    I wonder, if she let loose her arms if those tig ol bitties would sag to her belly button.

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