Just Shoot A Few

I see that GeorgiaGov Kemp has mobilized the state’s National Guard:

“Peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals with a dangerous, destructive agenda. Now, innocent Georgians are being targeted, shot, and left for dead,” Kemp said in a statement Monday. “This lawlessness must be stopped and order restored in our capital city.”
The National Guard troops will “provide support” at state buildings, including the Georgia State Capitol, Georgia Department of Public Safety Headquarters, and Governor’s Mansion, the governor’s statement said. The additional support is aimed at freeing up state law enforcement to increase patrols on roads and in communities, particularly in Atlanta.

I wish the Guard wasn’t being sent to protect the governor’s mansion;  I’d pay good money to see Kemp himself standing outside the place, holding an Evil Black Rifle like that muppet in St. Louis.


  1. This is what happens when groups don’t self-police.

    Mark’s First Rule of Social Interaction states that in any given population, the percentage of assholes is non-zero. If you’re part of a group, whether you’re a policeman, or a participant in a peaceful protest, you HAVE to root out and get rid of the assholes, otherwise the entire group gets branded as assholes. The whole one-rotten-apple-spoils-the-bushel idea.

    So if you’re a cop, and you work with a cop who crosses the line, you HAVE to work to get rid of him. If you’re part of a peaceful protest and folks start throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails, you HAVE to shove them aside and encourage the cops to arrest them. Because you have the absolute right to protest, to gather peacefully, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. You don’t have the right to destroy property (public or private), or commit assault, arson or robbery. That’s not a protest, that’s a riot, and riots WILL be squashed with extreme prejudice (or at least they should be, and would be if not for spineless politicians).

    There was an incident last week in York, PA where a group of “protesters” pulled a woman from her car and curb-stomped her. The person recording the protest said something like “There were very few incidents like that”. You can’t tolerate ANY incidents like that. Look at America’s gun culture for example. We’re a remarkably law-abiding lot (despite how we’re depicted), and we’re all in favor of severe punishments for those who use their guns in an irresponsible or illegal manner, even among our own.

  2. When the governor activated the National Guard he used a provision that gave the Guardsmen the authority to arrest and detain citizens. There are also a curfew in Atlanta and Fulton county that is part of the one week renewable Guard activation.

    And according to a buddy of mine that is part of this activation they did issue ammunition.

  3. My Dad, God bless’em, was NYPD Blue. Luckily, in a way, he’s been gone a few years; many years since a heart retirement-1982. He must be turning over in his grave, seeing what’s gone on in NYC. Luckily, most of my family, except one member on the very eastern edge of Queens, live out on the Island. To be honest, I now am fully rooting for the BLM/protesting crowd to burn Manhattan almost completely to the ground, and turn it into a real, live “Escape from New York” site! NYPD Blue should stand aside while this happens—on work rules and a mass “sick out”, don’t cha know.! This would serve NYC residents all wonderfully, given how stuffed the City is with endless libs and their fellow traveler foreigner ilk, who mostly vote for trash like deBlasio!

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