News Review

Good grief but the news is getting boring these days.  No wonder the New York Times is creating fake news left, right and center (mostly about the Right, but that’s a story for another time).

We persevere nevertheless, just like Olympic athletes (two links):

just as absolutely nobody expected they would.  [/maxi-sarc]

oh great;  your mediocre products don’t suck enough already, but now you’re going to bugger them up even more by inviting under-qualified tokens to work on them.

right, Noam.  And your old asshole buddy Josef Stalin was just a peach of a human being.  You Commie fuck.

wait:  weren’t lack of pollution and fewer vapor trails supposed to be a good thing?  So the “good” things are now going to cause a “bad” thing.  Unless, of course, the “experts” who came up with this warning are as full of shit as all the other “experts” we hear from nowadays.  Ummmmm I’ll take that option for $400, Alex.

funny, I thought that the Brits were kinda the masters at this game.  And speaking of mastery:

and Augusta National is doubtless going to fold like a damp shirt in the face of this bullshit, just like they did when they allowed women to join the club.

One of Monty Python’s old sketches involved a group of contestants trying to answer questions about the writings of Marcel Proust.  As none of them could satisfactorily explain the rococo intricacies of Proust’s prose [sic], the judges instead gave the prize to the lady in the front row with the big tits.  That’s what I’m going to do now, by ending with some news that’s so irrelevant, so pointless and so silly, it is a perfect summation of how bored I am with the whole business.

it’s not my fault;  society’s to blame.  [/Monty Python]

Sports Note

As we speak, the Austrian F1 Grand Prix is only about  ten days away.  Yup, a starting ceremony dedicated to giving a blowjob to BLM, followed by the usual 95-minute parade lap.  I can hardly wait.

That said, I think the Russian GP is going to be even more boring:

Insty puts it best:  “People only buy Russian when they can’t afford the good stuff.”

Gratuitous Gun Pic: Henry Long Ranger (.308 Win)

A little while ago we were talking here about deep-woods lever rifles, and somebody expressed a wish for a lever rifle that could be loaded with a pointed boolet (i.e. magazine-fed as opposed to the traditional tube).

How about Henry’s Long Ranger in .308 Win?

For me, this one ticks all the boxes except that it doesn’t appear to be drilled and tapped for scope mounts — not that this is a deal-breaker in a setting which seldom requires a shot further than 200 yards (and usualy, much less).

Also, it looks weird without the tube under the barrel, but that’s just a cosmetic and personal thing — if you’ve got a magazine, no tube necessary, of course.

Collectors has one on sale for just under a grand, so if you’re interested… go there and look at the other pics.  And don’t come crying to me if in your perusal, you get sidetracked into the Collectors Matrix.

I have to tell you all:  that is a sweet little rifle.  I’ve had good experience with Henry rifles in the past;  their quality is excellent (hence the premium price), their triggers require no gunsmithing, and their lever actions are a lot smoother than new WinMar rifles.


Backyard Boozer

I’d seen mention of this place before, but Reader BradC sent me the full scoop on this wondrous creation:

Lockdown has forced many pub lovers out there to source other forms of entertainment. Some have decided to do bar crawls at home, while others have used Zoom calls to have a drink with their buddies. There are also those who have decided to forgo drinking at all and picked up new hobbies. However, the most creative solution came to the Crabs family, who realized they needed to get a pub built in their garden.
After consulting with Amy, who is the mastermind behind Octavia Chic, and her husband, plans to create a garden pub were made. It took around three weeks for Amy and her husband to complete this project and the result took people’s breath away.

I want one of these.  I want it badly.  If I had a backyard, this would be assembled and running in about a week.  And you’d never see me again.

My question is how Longtime Friend Mr. Sorenson (Reader TrueBrit’s hubby) has not had one of these installed yet.

In fact, the only thing wrong with the place (other than not having Wadworth 6X on tap) is that it’s missing a brass foot rail.

And Southern Comfort on an optic… hand me mah smellin’ salts, Martha.

Go there and drool over the pics.

Add Limp Wrists

I see that the USAF is replacing the steel M9 Beretta pistols with the Mattel SIG M18.

M9s are larger, heavier, all-metal pistols; whereas M18s are lighter polymer pistols with a more consistent trigger pull and adjustable grips for large and small hands.

Well, isn’t that special.  They’re catering to the metrosexuals, even.

It must be a better pistol:  18 is twice as good as 9, right?

I’m just surprised that the Zoomies kept that mega-macho 9mm Parabellum cartridge, instead of going for the lighter-still, gentle-recoil .22 LR option.  I mean, with the difference in weight, you can carry 500 rounds of .22 LR compared to just one hundred of the 9mm.


Sinking Ships, Rats Leaving

Oh, dear:  it appears that the double-whammy of the Chinkvirus and the BaconLettuceMayo / Pantifa Lootfest Extravaganza Of 2020 is having an [unexpected!]  consequence:

New Yorkers Flee New York

Apartment purchases for co-ops and condos in Manhattan fell by 80 percent in May.  The high-end market took an even bigger hit – with sales of those valued between $5 million and $10 million down 90 percent.

That article is just in response to the Chinkvirus.  It’s going to get worse as the Pantifa Summer gets going.

Let’s hear it for the Big Apple:

That was in response to the lockdown.  Now add the Pantifa Factor:

Just wait till NYC government [sic]  discovers the lower tax receipts that follow, and the budget shortfall caused by this exodus.

Forgive me for not giving a rat’s ass.  Fuck ’em, and the same goes for their poxy Newspaper Of Record.