Backyard Boozer

I’d seen mention of this place before, but Reader BradC sent me the full scoop on this wondrous creation:

Lockdown has forced many pub lovers out there to source other forms of entertainment. Some have decided to do bar crawls at home, while others have used Zoom calls to have a drink with their buddies. There are also those who have decided to forgo drinking at all and picked up new hobbies. However, the most creative solution came to the Crabs family, who realized they needed to get a pub built in their garden.
After consulting with Amy, who is the mastermind behind Octavia Chic, and her husband, plans to create a garden pub were made. It took around three weeks for Amy and her husband to complete this project and the result took people’s breath away.

I want one of these.  I want it badly.  If I had a backyard, this would be assembled and running in about a week.  And you’d never see me again.

My question is how Longtime Friend Mr. Sorenson (Reader TrueBrit’s hubby) has not had one of these installed yet.

In fact, the only thing wrong with the place (other than not having Wadworth 6X on tap) is that it’s missing a brass foot rail.

And Southern Comfort on an optic… hand me mah smellin’ salts, Martha.

Go there and drool over the pics.


  1. Around here, Maryland, it would take you three years Just to get the permits. Then you’d have to put in iron bars just in case, heaven forfend, someone under the age of 21 might slip in and indulge a little.

      1. Same in Northern Virginia. Anything larger than 12×12 or that has power to it has to be inspected by the County. If it even LOOKS like you will be serving food or beverages, the city health inspector has to issue a permit, even if you are not charging a fee. The workaround is putting it on wheels.

        Sadly, I am surrounded by Karen’s and Kyle’s, whose libtard predilections give them the strongest urge to ensure no one has anything but State-sponsored fun.

  2. Something to think about when I finally retire, re-purposing my office as a pub! I have a computer hutch that could be turned into a liquor/glasses cabinet, a small bar where my desk currently is……

    Is it acceptable to have book-cases full of books in a pub?

    I’m not one for the man-cave personally, and I wouldn’t have a TV in my pub. I’d definitely find a place for a dart board though.

  3. A retired AF General I new built an English Pub in the basement of his retirement home. As authentic as he could make it, collecting items during various tours and deployments to England. And he had his own P-51. Some folks just live right.

  4. Kim, if you build it I will come – no matter how many speeding tickets I get along the way.
    After all, you’re only 20 hours away.
    That is a marvelous backyard addition.

  5. I have offered himself to relocate to the shed on many and varied occasions. Alas he declined on the basis that there was no booze and the lock was on the outside. I will, however, forward the pics to him such that he may be tortured appropriately.

    You’re welcome.

  6. Somebody had an extra 20,000 dollar bill laying around not doing anything. Why wasn’t their house ALREADY set up this way? My “pub” is right out there on the porch where it’s always been.

  7. I want this! Badly!

    Belay that. What I actually want is for a friend who lives within walking/stumbling distance to have this.

  8. After end-of-the-business day, I call ‘dibs’ on the slosh mat!

    I’ll bring my straw.

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