Close At Hand

I read this story over the weekend with a great deal of sadness, coupled with rage:

An angler has died after yobs allegedly pelted him with rocks using a catapult as he fished with his two brothers in a boat on a lake at a 15th century castle.
Charles Hilder, 66, from Romford, Essex, died in the grounds of Lullingstone Castle in Eynsford, Kent, following the attack at 5pm yesterday by the yobs who were stood on a bank.

It comes as locals and MPs claimed the area had been under siege from yobs in recent weeks with some threatening people and even trying to steal a woman’s dog.

Clearly, the Brits need to pass legislation outlawing catapults (Seffrican: catties ;  Murkin:  slingshots) like these:

And we won’t even talk about those eeevil “assault” slingshots made with triple rubber pulls, wrist-braces and carbon-fiber Y-frames.

I mean, nobody needs a triple-pulled slingshot with a wrist-brace, amirite?  [/sarc]

I think I’ve told the story about a man I know who in addition to carrying a handgun when out in public, has over the years also acquired about ten or more Ruger SP101 hammerless short-barreled revolvers, all chambered in .357 Mag, and he scatters them all over his place:  bedside, living room, garage, bathroom, car, wherever.  He also has one stashed in his toolbox and another in his fishing tackle box.

When I asked him why the tackle- and toolboxes, he replied simply:  “Because bad things can happen anywhere, and working in my garage and fishing out in the boonies is where I’m most vulnerable.”

Of course, that makes all sorts of sense.  It doesn’t help our British cousins (and the unlucky old guy above), because they’ve voted away their right to own handguns and their right to self-defense.  But for us Murkins, it’s a cautionary word to the wise.

Never be too far away from the means to protect yourself.

By the way:  that Kainokai triple-pull sling looks awful.  To the surprise of absolutely nobody, I prefer the more traditionally-styled Lodonc:

Wood and steel, baby;  if it works for a 1911, it’ll work for a damn slingshot.

Quote Of The Year

Seen on YouTube, as a comment on a Beatles song

“This is in a 50-way tie for my favorite Beatles song of all time.”


I’m just surprised he could keep it to fifty.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Let’s see if I’ve got this right.  The list of cities that are being besieged and set aflame by rioters includes the following:  New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis.

Quick:  what do these cities all have in common?

  • Their mayors are incompetent Leftist Democrats who have continued to go soft on crime, making petty theft the equivalent of jaywalking and encouraging the spread of homelessness on the streets;
  • They have a history of lawlessness, of hampering and undermining the police while coddling criminals;
  • They are “safe haven” cities for illegal immigrants;
  • They following social policies which create mini-welfare states;
  • They have terrible public school systems, entrenched by feral teachers’ unions;
  • They’re broke, and have no means of financial recovery other than handouts by their (mostly) near-bankrupt state governments or by the equally-insolvent federal government;
  • Even their wealthy citizens are neo-Socialists, and their middle-class hipsters support bullshit like anarchy, Black Lives Matter and anarchy;
  • Feel free to add your observations, if you think I’ve missed anything major.

In other words, these shithole cities embody absolutely everything that is un-American about modern society and government;  and yet we are supposed to feel some kind of sympathy or outrage that these cities are burning themselves to the ground?

Suck on it, assholes.  Reap that liberal / socialist whirlwind, good and hard.

And somebody let me know when the carpet-bombing begins, so I can get some popcorn supplies in beforehand.

Oh, and by the way:  this includes Dallas.  Just don’t come too far north of I-635, assholes.

Monday Funnies

So here we are, facing an actual Monday for the first time in months — a Monday where the work week begins and one has to go back to the office:

So, reverting to Mondays of yore, a little savage, non-lockdown sick humor:

…as if drinking a Budweiser wasn’t punishment enough.

And seeing as people are going to have to start flying again at some point:

Color me unconvinced.  And finally:

Now off with you, and try to avoid punching your boss in the face on your first day back.