Burn, Baby, Burn

Let’s see if I’ve got this right.  The list of cities that are being besieged and set aflame by rioters includes the following:  New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis.

Quick:  what do these cities all have in common?

  • Their mayors are incompetent Leftist Democrats who have continued to go soft on crime, making petty theft the equivalent of jaywalking and encouraging the spread of homelessness on the streets;
  • They have a history of lawlessness, of hampering and undermining the police while coddling criminals;
  • They are “safe haven” cities for illegal immigrants;
  • They following social policies which create mini-welfare states;
  • They have terrible public school systems, entrenched by feral teachers’ unions;
  • They’re broke, and have no means of financial recovery other than handouts by their (mostly) near-bankrupt state governments or by the equally-insolvent federal government;
  • Even their wealthy citizens are neo-Socialists, and their middle-class hipsters support bullshit like anarchy, Black Lives Matter and anarchy;
  • Feel free to add your observations, if you think I’ve missed anything major.

In other words, these shithole cities embody absolutely everything that is un-American about modern society and government;  and yet we are supposed to feel some kind of sympathy or outrage that these cities are burning themselves to the ground?

Suck on it, assholes.  Reap that liberal / socialist whirlwind, good and hard.

And somebody let me know when the carpet-bombing begins, so I can get some popcorn supplies in beforehand.

Oh, and by the way:  this includes Dallas.  Just don’t come too far north of I-635, assholes.


  1. My first take is to yes, let em burn. But. The assholes that created those communist havens will not burn but rather, will relocate to normal places and bring their nasty infection with them, to start the cycle all over again.

    So after consideration, these vile shitholes should be blocked off and permanently curfewed from without so that the assholes there must stay there and live as they created it. No one leaves and no supplies are allowed in. Then after 30 days of cannibalism firebomb the whole thing and quarantine the whole thing for 5 years.

  2. You know, the big issue with the riots is that it keeps the rest of us from being sympathetic toward the actually issue they’re supposedly addressing. Best I can figure regarding the incident that sparked all this, the cop was dead wrong and should be (and has been apparently) charged. Protesting wrong-doing by government officials, at any level, is about as American and apple pie and baseball, and had they descended upon the capital with signs and slogans no one would mind.

    I fail to see how burning private property, stealing electronics, and general mayhem help advance their goals (hint, they don’t).

    The issue isn’t that government wrong-doing happens (it does), nor that it’s right and proper to protest such (it is), but that some folks use it as an excuse to do some property redistribution. Clean your house jackasses, or we’ll be forced to clean it for you. That may be hard on the furniture.

    I am SO glad I now live further away from such shenanigans than I used to (even then I wasn’t particularly close to it). Anyone attempting such things locally would likely be met with a bit more force than they can safely enjoy (to paraphrase Jeff Cooper).

  3. One of the most liberal cities in the nation has a bad cop who it appears did some real stupid stuff and killed a 6 ft 7 in man who had been a bouncer at a night club where the cop had worked off duty for over 17 year. The whole thing was a fatal fu*k up in the street. The outrage should have held the chief of police responsible but wait, he and a lot of the staff were already diversity people so how do the outraged locals get more change than the change they got so perhaps they had elected incorrect change and it spills over to lots of the major metro cities who already had received their change. Guess what the community organizers see to like to set cities on fire for more change and I think the people who live there might be getting tired of seeing their stores and business burned up by outside change makers who want justice by getting more people killed.

    When things don’t make sense they just elect more lefties and the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.

  4. The problem here is that the risk is low and the reward high for rioters. I’ve been to more than a few ‘pre-riots’. And I say that because when things looked like they were getting out of hand, the cops showed up with horses, which would corral, stomp, bite, and kick as well as a phalanx of troopers with night sticks who would club the unlucky like baby seals. From that point, when I’d turn the corner and see that silliness, I’d do the curly shuffle the hell outta there.

    This was in an email from management that hit me this morning, lamenting how awful we are; – “Freddie Grey walking in his neighborhood. Michael Brown shopping. Amy Cooper debasing the birdwatcher Christian Cooper. Journalist Omar Jimenez doing his job. Jogger Ahmaud Arbery. EMT Brenonna Taylor sleeping. And George Floyd killed by the police.”

    Yeah. You can’t fix that kind of bubblethought. It’s painful now, but the waking process for these bubble people is going to be excruciating for us normies.

    And at least in Richardson, where I live, I-635 is a good natural barrier. There are few places around me to hold a Free TV and Sneaker festival. It would take too much effort to get to a Walmart or Target.

    I’m pretty certain RPD would scatter a crowd before it got out of control. They’ve shown little patience for silliness as long as I’ve lived here.

  5. “…what do these cities all have in common?”
    Add to the list Baltimore and too many blacks enstupidated by horrible schools which are nothing more than free lunch mills and a sinecure for equally stupid teachers protected by the NEA.

  6. Fuck. Seattle was a nice city 30 years ago when I attended the University of Washington. The goddamn lefties have ruined it. I hate going into downtown and only rarely do so. Less inclined now.

    Only a few more years and my wife and I can retire and GTFO the area. It breaks my heart to want to leave as badly as I do. This is such a beautiful area, ruined by fuckwits. Not sure how much more FLR (Full Leftie Retard) it will take to feel the dollar hit from leaving before we’re really financially ready will be worth the peace of mind.

    1. What you said. Same for us in Chico, CA. Moved there in ’78 to go to school (CSUC). Married and raised a family. Got out in 2015, followed two of our grown kids to Texas. Hope you make it out OK.

  7. It’s interesting to me, I don’t know how significant it is but it is interesting, that the last time Minneapolis had a Republican Mayor was in 1973. December of 1973 in fact. The previous mayor had lost his reelection bid and some Alderman filled in for a month.

    Prior to that the last time Minneapolis had a republican mayor was from 1957 to 1961.

    There is something to be said about doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.

    It’s on the tip of my tongue….. Damn, I’m going crazy here. I can’t think of it.

  8. A total mess when people have rioters come by for a visit, destroy their neighborhood and then move on.

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