Chatting with New Wife about this and that on the way to the liquor store  gun store  supermarket;  and it appears that in South Africa, people running charity missions to deliver food parcels to the elderly and incapacitated were being robbed and their parcels taken by roving gangs of “teenagers”.

So the Government stepped in and had police officers take charge of the deliveries… wait, wait, don’t spoil the punchline…

whereupon the police officers stole the food parcels for themselves.

New Wife was tut-tutting about the lawlessness of the people supposedly tasked with maintaining law and order, whereupon I added:

“Over Here, we had senior officers in the FBI — supposedly, one of the most ethical police forces in the world, whose motto is Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity — cooking up evidence to spy on a political campaign, intending to overturn a president elected in a fair and lawful election.

“Compared to that, nicking a couple of food parcels is minor-league stuff.”

And it is.

Just A Thought

In the wake of all the Pantifa / Black Lives Suck  Matter riots and protests and such, the airwaves and presses are full of earnest pleas to “start a national conversation” or “address the racial strife” or “deliver justice” for those whose lives have been so horribly afflicted by the daily misery of living in modern-day America.

But what if we — that is, the people who are the targets of such tropes — don’t want to have a conversation with these people anymore?  What if we look around us and see things like minority set-asides, preferential hiring- or admissions practices, creation of the various bureaucracies that purport to address all these supposed iniquities (e.g. Offices Of Race Relations, Equality Commissions, etc.), and realize that despite all these efforts, many Black people are still mired in slums, are still enslaved by criminal lifestyle, are still hobbled by sub-standard education establishments and continue to behave in ways that, in the immortal words of Chris Rock, still end up with their asses getting beaten by the cops?

What if we — we, the suffering middle classes who form the backbone of this nation — just say, “Fuck you, and your conversation.”

And before anyone gets all bent out of shape about the above, let me remind you all that when the Chink  Wuhan virus hit our shores, the people who kept this country together were not academics, or politicians, or journalists, or community organizers;  and for damn sure they were not the people now rioting and looting, nor the shadowy organizations who are organizing the unrest.  The country was kept going by people like truck drivers, doctors/nurses, supermarket workers, maintenance technicians, farmers and trash collectors, to name but a few.  Not glamorous people, not members of the “elite” set, just people who are not a part of “systemic racism”, nor of “class privilege” and especially — considering that many of them are Blacks and Hispanics themselves — are not benefactors of the so-called “White privilege”.

What if these people, these ordinary hardworking people just said to all these demands, “No.  We’re not going to pander to you anymore.”

What then?

News Roundup

Short and messy, kinda like this.  And now a quick look at some relevant news:

just remember that it cuts both ways, assholes.

(no link because why waste Readers’ time?)
hey George:  stick to banging yer lawyer wife or making Oceans moviesAnd speaking of lawyers:

like anyone cares what this bunch of Commie shysters thinks.

Here’s one news item that doesn’t even need a comment from me, ol’ Tuck says it all:

Tucker Carlson Hauls Off On Asshole Republicans (my headline).

sounds okay to me, especially on seeing this:

so, Mr. Law-And-Order President:  when, exactly, will the 82nd Airborne be sent in with orders to shoot to kill?

and I agree.  Let’s start by eliminating no-knock raids, asset forfeiture and your fucking armored cars.

And finally, on a much lighter note:

that’s okay.  A lot of women can’t measure up to a good wank, either.

Blinding Light

From some Gummint asshole who’s suddenly started to smell the coffee:

Riots Are Organized and Coordinated, Rioters Are Paid Radical Left-Wing Anarchists

Uh, we all knew that long ago, dipshit.  What we don’t know is why it took you fuckheads so long to realize that.

And what we’re breathlessly awaiting is for you assholes to start doing something about it.

RCOB Moment

Somebody explain to me whose side these pricks are on:

Local Fox affiliate KTTV 11 captured the action live on television as the shopkeeper and his son, who were armed with shotguns and bandoliers, had just finished explaining to a reporter how they had chased away a group of looters, who had fled the scene with police in hot pursuit.
A member of the local community, whose relatives were helping the shopkeeper and his son stand guard at the store, told KTTV’s Christina Gonzalez that the store had been in the area for decades, and that the shopkeeper’s family had helped everyone in the community.
Moments later, however, another group of looters arrived in a convoy of vehicles. When the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) arrived, too, however, they ordered the armed shopkeeper and his son to surrender their weapons, and they handcuffed three community members who had been helping in the standoff with looters.
Meanwhile, the looters ran away, and some apparently escaped altogether, with other officers in pursuit.
Gonzalez pleaded with one LAPD officer to release the three community members, while the others arrested one looter.
Eventually, the three community members were released. Police nearly arrested another woman who arrived on the scene to pick up one of them, who was apparently her mother.

What a fuck-up of a police force.  That’s right, Keystone Kops:  disarm the people who are doing the job you’re supposed to be doing but aren’t, and then arrest Yossarian, not Aarfy.

You rat bastards.