News Roundup

Short and messy, kinda like this.  And now a quick look at some relevant news:

just remember that it cuts both ways, assholes.

(no link because why waste Readers’ time?)
hey George:  stick to banging yer lawyer wife or making Oceans moviesAnd speaking of lawyers:

like anyone cares what this bunch of Commie shysters thinks.

Here’s one news item that doesn’t even need a comment from me, ol’ Tuck says it all:

Tucker Carlson Hauls Off On Asshole Republicans (my headline).

sounds okay to me, especially on seeing this:

so, Mr. Law-And-Order President:  when, exactly, will the 82nd Airborne be sent in with orders to shoot to kill?

and I agree.  Let’s start by eliminating no-knock raids, asset forfeiture and your fucking armored cars.

And finally, on a much lighter note:

that’s okay.  A lot of women can’t measure up to a good wank, either.


  1. That Tucker Carlson monologue was the single best commentary I’ve seen on this mess so far.

    And yes, you can believe the killing of George Floyd was heinous (silly to even have to say that) AND believe that anyone hoisting a molotov cocktail should be shot. Preferably THROUGH said molotov, if possible. Solves the problem, and cremates the perp, not only no need for incarceration and prosecution, no need for a funeral!

  2. I second the no-knock asset forfeiture nonsense being whacked.

    Guys buying antique cars have been singled out on the forfeiture law unfairly

    And depositing cash. Don’t get me started on that

  3. I agree that Tucker is the only guy on TV speaking some sembalance of the truth. Tonite he showed this video clip. I almost vomited. My wife started using profanity. Something she rarely does…Heather MacDonald said that civilization is at risk…..4th generation warfare….

    1. That metrosexual interviewer in that clip is cruising for a ball kicking, if he has any.

  4. I lasted less than 10 seconds watching the clip. I’d have punched him in the gob at the words ‘white privilege’ and gained an instant (deserved) divorce if I’d been stupid enough to kneel. FFS, where’s her pride?

  5. Tucker Carlson was right as far as he went but the problem is deeper. There simply is no country left, just hostile tribes inhabiting the same place. Only one of the tribes is organized and guess who wins when the organized fight the unorganized. We need the National Divorce so we can watch from a distance while the Peoples’ Republic burns themselves down. Otherwise, they will burn us down.

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