Minneapolis Burning

Go ahead and read this article, then watch the embedded video for the quote of the day:

“Before there were cops, there were Americans.”

Quite right.  Good for them, because that is what the duty of citizenship entails, assisted and supported by the Second Amendment.

When you look at the map of most of the destruction, note the proximity of the police station.


  1. And thanks to the COVIDiocy, the mob is all conveniently masked….

    Wonder what the Minnesotan equivalent of roof Koreans is.

      1. There is a report that the pawn-shop owner was questioned/detained by police, and his store was completely looted while he was in police “custody”.

  2. ” …with huge firearms…”

    You can tell it’s a UK site when they think M-Forgery carbines are “huge”.

  3. /…proximity of the police station./

    Obviously in Minneapolis, that’s where the costumed government employees have their dressing rooms.

  4. What precipitated the police to get involved in the first place? I assume the dead guy was a perp of some sort or another, ala Rodney King.

    An observation: Most commercials nowadays “celebrate diversity” as much or more than promoting their products, all very sweet and sunny, not to mention propaganda. The reality of most black lives is closer to Live PD misbehavior than to those cute commercials.

    1. He was reported to have attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at a local store.

  5. I can’t help feeling that protesting is one thing and rioting/wrecking/looting/stealing are other things.
    Needless to say the Daily Mail (otherwise known as the Daily Hate) takes a peculiar attitude to whats happening there. One gets rather a biased view from reading the Hate.
    I don’t suppose those police intended to kill that man but I also got the idea that they didn’t give that much of a damn when they did, it seemed like an excessive use of force, it was right to sack them and they should also be called upon to be answerable for their actions but the displays of violence, malicious damage and theft should also be met with a, robust, response. Tell me I’m wrong.

  6. Looks to me like the cop is on the guys shoulder and sometimes the back of his neck. Guessing that the autopsy will show a different cause of death but that won’t change the narrative.

  7. I was an 11 year old boy in Memphis when MLK was assassinated.

    I have seen rioting first hand.

    Back then, the only people who owned guns were duck and deer hunters.

    We were neither and we were very concerned about whether the lawlessness would reach our neighborhood. There were Tn National Guard trucks all over our neighborhood.

    Now, with the proliferation of firearms over the course of the last 30-40 years (mostly to me, of course), people would never let this nonsense happen in our neighborhoods and places of business.

    The feckless Midwest blue-state mayor and governor remind me of Baghdad Bob.

    The only good news is that I haven’t seen a thing about the China virus or been lectured by the hapless Dr. Fauci (or the scarf lady – Dr. Birx) for the last several days.

  8. Investigate, prosecute and punish the cops if found guilty. They deserve due process as does any perp, no matter how loathsome.
    March in protest if you want to make a point, but a wrong does not justify mob criminality.
    A mob has no conscience, and its members count on anonymity to boost individual reckless courage. Tossing a Molotov cocktail is attempted murder or reckless endangerment, because the mindless mob doesn’t know or care if there is anyone in the target building.
    I’ve been watching this crap go unpunished because feelings, blacks for fifty years, and spent too much time fifty plus years ago trying to protect firemen, innocents, and bring order out of mayhem during the riots back then. One thing I learned then is that it will go on as long as the mob has no fear of consequences.
    Nothing has changed in the intervening fifty years.
    These animals gleefully take what is not theirs, burn the remnants, and then later, whine for us taxpayers to rebuild and restock what they destroyed. When grief becomes an excuse to loot and burn, it’s time to shoot on sight on site. Prosecute and imprison survivors.

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