Open Appeal

Several years ago, back when the term “disposable income” meant actual money instead of just a fond dream, I donated some money to a far-off congressman’s reelection campaign fund.


Now I’m still on the Republican National Committee’s sucker donor list, and not a day goes past when I don’t get some plea for money to help some or other hapless Republican congressman, and even to donate to billionaire Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection fund.  Here’s my appeal to the RNC:

For fuck’s sake, can you bastards quit begging for money?  Considering that I and probably millions of other Americans haven’t been able to work for nearly two months and have had zero income since then, it is the height of stupidity [ergo, the Stupid Party] to ask us to donate towards an election which isn’t due for over six months.
Frankly, when it’s hard to think how we’re going to be able to pay the rent or mortgage, car loans and utilities, health insurance and even groceries, what the fuck makes you think that we would be able to give you  money?  Even worse, we all know that after the election is over, the elected  politician is just going to pocket the unspent cash from the campaign fund, one way or the other, while we’ll still be mired in debt.

Kindly piss off and leave us alone, at least until we can get back to work.

Yours very sincerely,


  1. I made 2 small primary donations, to try to unseat Paul Ryan and John McCain, years ago.

    I got put on the list of every 2-bit Republican beggar out there.

    I’ve considered volunteering for my local Repub candidate, Wesley Hunt, to unseat the awful Lizzie Fletcher but I fear that would put me on too many begging lists.

    Re: Lizzie and her votes to impeach and to send the articles: Lizzie Fletcher took an axe, gave our Nation forty whacks; when she saw what she had done, gave our system forty-one.

    1. Try this in the future:
      Walk up to the candidate, and hand him/her an envelope containing $99.00 in cash, and say that this is from “Anonymous”.
      Cash donations under $100 do not have to be reported under the law that created the FEC.

  2. About once a month I get a “survey” from the RNC which is “to be opened by the addressee only”. It asks my opinion on all sorts of Republican hot buttons and always ends by asking how much I want to give “to make my opinions known”. It’s funny that I don’t remember giving a cent to any Republican state or federal level candidate. I did throw a few bucks into the county sheriff race so that may be how they got my name.

    One time I filled out the survey in the way that I imagined somebody to the left of the most liberal Democrat out there would reply – but they kept sending them. I know that the post office needs the work but give me a break.

  3. I have one email address that I use specifically for any public activity on the web. And it gets most the spam. Like you, I once donated to a political campaign, and right now I’m getting about twenty to thirty emails a day from various GOP-related groups all begging for money. After they way they bent the GOP voting class over and fucked them with a sandpaper condom, they’re not getting a single cent from me.

  4. Just like any spam, answering them in any form just confirms that they have a valid address. No one actually reads the note or fake survey, they are only interested in the $$$. …. and just like any spammer, the list of confirmed fools, gullible victims, is more valuable than the donations they received because that list can be resold multiple times.

  5. At least they aren’t begging for money for “poor children in Africa” or some other such nonsense…

  6. The volume of begging these days is off the hook. More than a poor boy like me can endure, so I don’t. I have experienced many instances in my life of extreme financial despair and not once did I ever beg anyone for anything. The most I have ever done in that regard is ask for a chance to “earn” that in which I want. People that ask for something just because garner only disdain and contempt, but if someone tells me their story and asks to exchange their time and effort for money I will try my best to accommodate them. You don’t have to turn on the “over the air” TV for more than a few minutes before you are inundated with rampant begging for veterans, children, and every other ailment you can think of, so I turn it on very little. If people spent as much time earning as they do begging the world would be a little better place for all. fuk em ded

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