Ahead Of The Game

Clearly, someone — doesn’t matter who — in the Trump administration saw something coming when the Chink Wuhan virus started to spread back in November 2019.  But that’s not as important as what POTUS did — and over at the Treehouse, Sundance explains how lucky we are.

In early 2017 President Trump and his administration coined the phrase: “economic security is national security”, and the economic team set about starting a very complex process to ensure the past three decades of trade policy was reversed.

Because the Left controls the history books as well as the media, it will never happen;  but in a saner world, Trump may well prove to have been one of the most successful U.S. presidents ever.

Once again, something to remember come November 2020.


  1. You know, that $2T infrastructure proposal that PDJT recently let loose would be a great place to start in freeing us from ChiCom dictates on medical supplies, and as private industry follows, those plants can be dedicated to supplying the DoD.
    Make America Buy America Again!

  2. Has anyone taken pictures of the empty shelves in grocery stores and posted them with the following caption:

    “This is your food supply on Socialism”

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