1. According to tech support, Bob’s new animatronic girlfriend always returns to the as shipped position while updates are installed. She will unfold automatically after the restart.

  2. Here we see Audrey demonstrating the popular ‘bosoms sweep’, a direct replacement for the out-dated floor-mop.

  3. With her super-heated ankles and wrists, Audrey was grateful for the partial sleeves and legs of her treasured new ‘bosoms sweep’ attire.

  4. Always considered the ‘odd’ member of the family, Audrey finally won their admiration after her patented ‘bosoms sweep’ trend hit Number One on the charts.

  5. Wacky trend-setter Audrey always hoped she would ‘make the big time’, but the tide of followers for her new ‘bosoms sweep’ dance assured her a permanent spot in marketing history!

  6. Audrey illustrates her devotion to a tidy floor through the growing ‘bosoms sweep’ craze!

  7. Cute as a button, Audrey always wanted to check under the chesterfield… and a quick ‘bosoms sweep’ revealed not a one dust-bunny worth mentioning!

  8. Although she trusted her beloved guru implicently, Audrey had some difficulty holding ‘bosoms sweep’ position during her early yoga sessions.

  9. Sadly, her larger-than-average toes means Audrey tripped more often than the rest of the kids.
    Happily, she has the good graces to playfully turn a social foo-pah into a fresh new cleansing opportunity!
    And, the rest, as they say, is ‘bosoms sweep’ history!

  10. Always known as ‘slightly gullible’, Audrey slowly realized the ‘bosoms sweep’ position failed to allow her to hear the train a’coming.
    “You guys…!”

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