5 Worst Things About The Corona Virus

  • All those exotic “Chinese Bat Stew” frozen dinners in your freezer will have to be thrown away
  • Your new Huawei phone has been renamed “Typhoid Mary” in the catalog
  • Far fewer cheap and trashy options in the Clothing section at Walmart
  • “Visit Chinatown” has to be taken off your bucket list
  • Severely limits your choices in the “buy a foreign wife” market

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  1. The downpour of questionable jokes, such as:
    – It’s to be called the ‘kung-flu’
    -What is the corona viruses big complaint? It’s sick of Chinese food
    -Man with corona virus seeks woman with Lyme disease

    1. “Wuhan Roulette”could also be applied selecting your evening’s “companion” in, say, Shanghai…

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