So Much To Do, So Little Done

Okay, Sir Winston may have had more weighty matters on his mind when he said that, but I know how he felt, after reading this:

Britain’s BEST chippies: Top 15 seafood eateries are revealed in National Fish and Chip Awards 2020

As any fule kno, one of my favorite meals in Britishland is the venerable F&C (proof below).

So when I read articles like the above, all it makes me want to do is hop on a plane across The Pond and embark on a tour of the top 15…

However.  The list shortens quite a bit as some of the chippies’ locations are on Kim’s List Of Places Never To Visit (based on the recommendations of Stout Bulldogs like Mr. Free Market, The Englishman and the Sorensons) — places such as Belfast, the whole of Wales and anywhere in County Durham.

Still, this one (in Kent) looks promising:

…especially as Kent is home to one of the best beer brands anywhere:

And if they haven’t got Spitfire, there is an alternative:

Tell me you wouldn’t, if you were me.


    1. I suppose the young lady is an actress then.

      Can you imagine the hooraw if such a brand name/advertisement were attempted here in the Colonies?

      1. Nah, it would be okay. Mocking the Church is about the only safe activity these days…
        I’d like to launch a hard lollipop named “Oh Bamascock”, just so the socialists can carry on doing what they did for 8 years.

  1. > Tell me you wouldn’t, if you were me.

    IDK mate, how well does your bride shoot?

  2. I laughed out loud at the Spitfire ads. I’d try that brand once just on the ads alone. Good job by the marketing pukes.

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