Could it be?  Could it really be?

Britain’s economy will grow faster than those of other major European countries this year as chief executives regard it as an increasingly attractive place to invest, two studies have found.
Amid growing optimism over Britain’s economic outlook, the International Monetary Fund said that it would outperform the eurozone this year and next.

But… but… but…

Could Paul Krugman have been wrong again?


  1. *Wow* Benefits of BREXIT, whooda thunk it. The way the pundits were acting, Britain would be destitute and forlorn without the guidance of the bureaucrats of Brussels telling them how to live. Once the people in Britain remember that at one time, they were PAX Britainia and can be so again, then perhaps other countries in the EU will do the same, I think some of the Eastern European countries are having second thoughts.

    1. Way back in the mists of time, like twenty years ago, the people in favor of the EU just kept having plebiscites until they could say the votes to join were greater than the votes to stay independent. Why should now be any different? The ones who want to be rulers haven’t changed, but the interest in Brexit has increased.

  2. You think they’d say something positive for them regaining their freedom?

    Status quo and serfdom is the desired norm, not any measure of liberty, self-determination, or free-will. That is counter to the EU – their control, their commands, and their oversight. One way, our way.

    I wish Jolly ‘Ol a wonderful time regaining their freedom and self-determination. Employ it wisely – your citizens demand it, and deserve it. Oh, and tell Jezzer et all to get stuffed….

  3. But the Scots, unwilling to be ruled from London, will probably try to secede again. So they can be ruled from Brussels.

  4. I don’t know if Paul Krugman is wrong again (oh wait…he made a prediction, so he’s probably wrong again). However, I do know that you can go to MasterClass and learn cooking from Gordon Ramsey, comedy from Steve Martin, and economics from Paul Krugman.

  5. This would happen if Brexit were cancelled too. The thing is there’s been a wall of money waiting for a definite direction to Brexit, be it Leave or Remain. And now that the UK is definitely leaving it’s been released, but it would have been released if the UK were definitely remaining.

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