1. She: “well, how was it?”
    He: “pfft, pfft, I’m just trying to get the straw outta my mouth”

  2. She: Hmmm?
    He: It’ll be a little while. I had to do something for a lady so she could give me some more quarters for the drier.

  3. She: Wow, I had no idea how they made crop circles. Can we make another?
    He: Gimme a couple minutes to Bandaid my knees.

  4. He: Now THAT’S what I call a roll in the hay.
    She (to herself): More like a turkey in the straw.

  5. He: “Was that good good for you?”
    She: “You make love like a true patriot.”
    He: “Why is that?”
    She: “You’re a Minuteman.”

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