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I have always pressed for a relationship where the men and women have clearly-defined roles — and preferably, one where the man is the earner and dominant partner, while the woman takes care of the home and children.  Needless to say, the feministicals come after men like me, spitting and clawing, and spouting bullshit about the “patriarchy” and (in times past) “male chauvinist” etc.

Now, after all the feministical nonsense, we finally seem to have something of a return to sanity:

Amid the Me Too movement and radical feminism, a new opposing trend has emerged across Britain – the ‘tradwife’ trend.
Harking back to 1950s Britain, and already established in the US, the trend sees women reverting to the traditional roles of housewives, practiced in the fifties and sixties.
The belief behind the movement is that wives should not work, and rather spend their days cooking, cleaning, wearing modest and feminine dress, and practice traditional etiquette, being submissive to their husbands and ‘always put them first’.

“Tradwife”… okay, I can live with the term.  I could (and do) happily live with someone who believes in it.  Even better is this perspective:

‘My view on feminism is that it’s about choices. To say you can go into the working world and compete with men and you’re not allowed to stay at home -to me is taking a choice away’.
Distancing herself from the movement’s right-wing links, she argued: ‘Being a tradwife is investing in your family and being selfless. So I would say the opposite of that is someone who is selfish and just takes’.

We need more of this, and more women like her.  Society will be all the better for it.

And my favorite line from the article:

‘We say to feminists: thanks for the trousers, but we see life a different way’.



  1. I have a passing familiarity with the ‘#MeToo’ ‘movement’.

    After I switched to Paleo Primal in 2001, my weight stabilized at 155#.

    My dog is Paleo, too, and is happiest at 29#.
    Across the scales, my ExpeditionVehicle is 14,000#.
    So, there is that.

  2. ISTM that what both feminazis and the article are missing is that a woman can want different things at different points in her life. A woman could, for instance, get qualified, then be a SAHM while the children are at school (a SAHP is the #2 indicator of a child’s success), perhaps having a part-time professional job, and then change to a full-time job when they leave school. It’s her choice and hers alone.

    1. But because the marriage is always a partnership, and the husband whose waking hours will be commanded just as surely as those of a mother of a young child, certainly should have an equal say and vote. One lawyer I know had married a professional woman. After the baby came, she decided to be a SAHM, cutting their income in half. As he said, “that was quite an adjustment”. He manned up and opened his own practice, with the initial income dip until establishment that comes with entrepreneurship. How much easier that could have been had that been the plan all along and not something kept close to the vest.

  3. I would only quibble a bit over the concept of the man being the “dominant” partner. I prefer to think of the relationship as “equal” partners.

    1. Certainly he’s dominant. But being a wise Patriarch, he has delegated control of the hearth and home to his wife.

      1. The Eastern concepts of yin and yang, male and female energy, might be useful in understanding how a woman can remain at home yet exert herself in a thousand subtle ways.

  4. Needless to say, the feministicals come after men like me, spitting and clawing, and spouting bullshit about the “patriarchy” and (in times past) “male chauvinist” etc.

    Look at it this way, Kim. These are women of which you would never consider as “wife” material. Let them rant and rave and die alone, childless with their half dozen cats.

  5. ‘“Tradwife”… okay, I can live with the term.’

    All due respect, but I can’t. There’s already a word for “tradwife,” and it’s… “wife.” This hashtagging of the language is Orwellian and, in this case, slyly demeaning. Better to come up with a word (portmanteau, phrase, I don’t care which) for those misguided harridans who choose to turn their backs on what has served to build civilization for millennia. Don’t let the Leftists control the language, because that’s how you let them control thoughts.

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