Monday Funnies

Wherein we drag ourselves out of bed to face the horror of another week… wait a minute, it’s Martin Luther King Day!!!  (a.k.a the holiday celebrated by many, while others go “Who?”)

Now on to the serious funnies [sic]

And to celebrate MLK Day properly, what better than a quickie with some vintage Pam Grier?

Would.  And so would anyone.  Now get off that lounger and celebrate the day.


  1. ….or Obama’s real birth certificate.
    If you want to find the “bad part” of Anytown, USA, just look for MLK Blvd.
    You could fry an egg on Pam Grier’s belly.

  2. If Jackson, Sharpton, Smollet and Kaepenack manage to get martyred we could have a whole week!

    I kid, I kid.


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