Children Not Wanted

This doesn’t refer to refusing to have kids.  Instead, I echo the words of Brit actor Laurence Fox:

Laurence Fox has revealed he once broke up with a girlfriend because she liked a pro-#MeToo TV advert. The actor, 41, told his ex-lover: ‘Bye. Sorry I can’t do this with you,’ after she praised Gillette for their TV campaign on ‘toxic masculinity’.
He also said he no longer dates women under 35 as they are ‘too woke’ and most of them are ‘absolutely bonkers’.

Of course, this is not my battlefield — I’m so far away from the dating pool that I’m positively dehydrated — but I can absolutely see where Fox’s frustration stems from.

All this is the toxic consequence of the combination of militant feminism and modernist principle, as seen in the very next sentence of the article:

It comes after a furious row over his [BBCTV] Question Time showdown with academic Rachel Boyle, which saw him call her a ‘racist’ for describing him a ‘white, privileged male’ in a debate about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.
[He] said ‘throwing the card of racism at everybody… [is] really starting to get boring’, triggering a Twitterstorm in which some praised him for his ‘common sense’ and others brand him a ‘disgrace’.

And he’s quite right.  Accusing someone of the “sin” of being a “White male [whatever]” is no less racist than calling someone a “Black gangster” or (ahem) a “woman driver” — it’s all racist / sexist bullshit.  (But lest I be lumped in with the appalling Mr. Fox, however, let me make it plain that there’s no such thing as a “Black gangster” and all  women are excellent drivers.)

I was chatting to the Son&Heir,  who has recently split from his long-time girlfriend, about this very topic, and he echoed Laurence Fox’s sentiments almost to the word.  Even in conservative north Texas, he finds women younger than him (at age 31) to be… I think the words he used were “inconsequential” and “flakey”.  As a result, his dates with the same woman are generally in the low single figures, as it takes him very little time to discover that underneath their superficial shallowness, “wokeness” and ignorance is… noting else.  To quote some other guy:  “They know absolutely nothing.”  He just laughs it off, as I suspect other young men of his intelligence, education and experience do when confronted with those same prospects.

Even worse is that older women of his generation come with either a world of psychological baggage or (sometimes “and”) a ready-made brood of children.  He doesn’t see why he should have to deal with their heritage of bad decisions and the consequences thereof, and I can’t say I blame him.

As for Laurence Fox, it comes as no surprise that he’s being attacked for pointing all this out.  What people often forget is that the little boy who announced that the Emperor was wearing no clothes was soon thereafter torn to shreds by the mob for showing such disrespect for the ruler.

‘Twas ever thus.


  1. I’m glad I’m not 20 and single.
    But on the other hand I’m not.
    So which is better, to be young and alone, or old and married?

  2. Not sure how young people are going to ever leave home, much less get married and buy a house and start a family. If they went to a four year college, they are saddled with so much debt, and if they picked a impractical major, they have little chance for decent paying employment. No wonder so many young people are screwed up.
    O tempora, o mores.

  3. Over 20 years ago when I was doing the dating-thing which culminated in meeting Mrs D I’d almost given up because there was just too much crazy out there. I don’t mean fun-crazy, I mean batshit fuck-your-shit-up crazy. (If you don’t know the difference, fun-crazy is the girl who likes to wear the shirt you wore yesterday with nothing underneath. Batshit-crazy is the girl who’d like to wear your skin with nothing underneath). Like the woman who spent the ENTIRE first (and only) date telling me about the things she did to guy’s cars when they broke up with her (if even half were true she did thousands of dollars of damage). And all that was before woke-ness really became a thing, there was some (all men are rapists, that type of horse shit), but nothing like today. I keep telling my wife she’d BETTER outlive me.

    1. The cousin of one of the boys in my Boy Scout Troop came out and spent the summer here because his ex somewhere back in the upper midwest had let all the oil out of his car, and his parents felt that it was better if he was somewhere far away for a while.

      1. Her #1 was putting two M-80 firecrackers under the windshield wipers on his car, on a rainy day. Blew in the windshield, destroyed the wipers, damaged the cowl and dash, and flooded the interior.

        Yeah, I’d have found places on her anatomy for two more M-80’s. Maybe three.

        Mark D

  4. When I was 33 and newly single after my divorce I found that dating anyone under 30 was, as someone noted above “flaky” or “inconsequential.” This was borne out over the next couple of years after well over 100 1st dates — and this was in heavily conservative Utah (and that’s not a typo — I was in demand and got to the point where sometimes I’d have a date with a different woman every night of the week, and a lunch date on Saturday besides). But I learned within the 1st month or so to not date below 30.

    And that was 14 years ago when all this “woke” hadn’t really taken off yet. Oh sure there was some then, but not like it is now. Fortunately I found someone worth my time and I’ve remarried. 11 years together now.

  5. “…one can learn enough in a 4 minute conversation…”
    Right there.
    That’s EVERYTHING regarding human communication, but the problem is, nobody is really listening.
    In my business I learned to make major character assessments in 30 seconds or less. Sometimes I made them from across the room, no conversation necessary. Because humans are all so different making character assessments is a lifelong learning skill – you can’t know everybody.

    One thing for certain, if you meet your future wife in a bar or similar it is doomed from the gitgo. Same is probably true for religious institutions. It’s all in the mindset.

  6. “I suspect rampant proliferation of malignant so-called Red Flag Laws will produce a substantial decline in the dating and / or marriage prospects for an increasing number of women”

    This comment calls for more consideration.

    1. I expect the Red Flag to become standard operating procedure for contested divorces in the future.

    2. I don’t worry so much about the possibility of future companions, because I’ve got two years on Kim and I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with non-2A supporting women.

      But what sares the crap out of me is my vindictive ex-spouse and Bay Area Liberal daughter-in- lawyer putting their heads together should Tennessee pass this stupidity.

  7. Just here to tell you that it’s not any better when you’re older and the women substitute “religion” for “woke-ness”.

  8. The impression I’ve formed is that the younger women fall into two very distinct groups. One possesses good judgement and character, and some degree of traditional feminine virtues. The other comes with woke feminist baggage, and frequently a bastard child or two.

    The first group are grade-A marriage material, and don’t stay on the market very long. The second are probably not worth marrying.

      1. They’re probably worth “Ghosting” for your own safety’s sake before the dessert cart comes around.

  9. Find a home-schooled girl and get her before she goes to college say in the 18-20 range. Try to pick someone whose parents didn’t do it for evangelical religious reasons. Buy a set of the books from the Saint John’s College Great Books Curriculum and read and discuss them with her.

    1. LOL
      The Son&Heir already has most of the Great Books… and has read a disturbing percentage of them.

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