1. Greta Thunberg is the result of an up and coming generation that has experienced nothing in the way of real tragedy. A generation that has had to struggle for nothing. A generation that has never had to stare down evil. A generation so weak and cowardly they can’t even stand up to the playground bullies without resorting to shooting up their schools. They are a generation that has never had to sacrifice. It shouldn’t surprise then when they’ve conjured up a boogeyman to fear.

    They complain about lockdown drills. I’ll see your lockdown drills meant to address the possibility of dozens of deaths and I’ll raise you atomic bomb drills meant to address the possibility of billions of deaths. They complain about their futures being stolen. My generation lived with the reality of humanity being never more than 90 minutes away from total destruction.

    They complain about the consumption of others never once considering the possibility of making sacrifices themselves. To them, it is always someone else that has to change…never them. They refuse to even entertain the notion that should they get what they want, if they even know, there will be negative consequences that they will be responsible for. They engage in hyperbole, not for effect, but because they’re not even aware of the hyperbole. They believe without discerning. They accept without criticism. They reason without thinking.

    They virtue signal and then mock those who actually do something. They lecture adults as if they have anything to offer other than passion bereft of wisdom. They mock the very means by which their lifestyle is provided and yet recoil in horror at the notion of having to give any of that up. They refuse to live a life that parallels their beliefs. They’d rather be forced to live that life rather than live it voluntarily, and that perhaps is what is most frightening about them. They don’t want freedom because what good is living according to your convictions if no one else has to?

    They are ungrateful. They are immature. They are spoiled. But worst of all, they are stupid. They are emblematic of the sorry state of our national discourse where we will believe almost anything if it is delivered with enough passion and fits with our confirmation biases.

    If these kids are our future, we may end up looking at the Obama years with fondness for a time when liberals were actually reasonable.

  2. What? Something good coming out of Australia, Kim? That’s Alan Jones, he is the highest rating am radio talk host in Australia. Ex coach of the Wallabies and all round enemy of the peeeple.
    He recently outraged NZ where I live when he nicely told Jacinda Ardern the NZ Prime Minister to fuck off and mind her own business, sweetie.
    Another grumpy old white man, of course.

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