Now Where’s That Cap?

Wait a minute… this tool said this in Plano?  Plano, TEXAS?

A former Democratic candidate for local office in Plano, Texas is warning Trump supporters – If he sees anybody wearing MAGA hats in public he’s going to hit them with a profanity-laced tirade.

…and even though I don’t like to wear baseball caps, now I have to  get one, just on the off-chance.  Or maybe one of these… oh yes, baby:

I just wish I knew where this little weasel hangs out so I could go there after the thing’s been delivered.  The Notions Department at Target, no doubt, given his self-description.

Stirling Morris, a self-described feminist, LGBTQ supporter, and ‘global citizen,’ took to Twitter to express random disdain for Deplorables whom he describes as “racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, bigoted hate-mongers.”

Oh sweetheart… you don’t know  what hate is.  Or a “profanity-laced tirade”, for that matter.  But you will.

Pity the fool.


  1. I’m just going to HAVE to get a MAGA cap and visit Plano….

    My Dad was a US Marine, merchant seaman, dock worker, boiler maker, and various other jobs where profanity is standard. He used to say he could swear for 20 minutes in seven languages and never repeat himself. I was about five years old when I asked my mother what a c*cksucker was because I’d heard Daddy use the word (I was told that was a grown-up word I wasn’t to use, and I suspect my Mom and Dad had a discussion that evening after I went to bed).

    So yeah, I’ve a decent command of the seedy side of the English language. Then we get into the realm of being insulting without actually using profanity (The entire universe shuddered in revulsion the night your mother said “Yes” to anal and you were conceived.) The little putz will run away crying for Mommy.

    Mark D

    1. > the night your mother said “Yes” to anal and you were conceived.

      Oh, he’s a *lawyer*.

  2. I’m just down the road, already have the baseball cap. Would be pleased to be your second. I was advised as a young lad never to pass up an opportunity to improve my education. I like to think I could spool up pretty well myself explaining that we moved from Kalifornia and became citizens of Texas because of being overrun by f***wits just like him. We’re not moving again.

  3. Nice. A foul mouthed failure reassuring the voters of Plano that they made the right choice by rejecting him.

  4. Have a look at this video, it represents I think the D party’s biggest fear and reason for the hatred of Trump.

    I personally know a few like him in my little corner of the world, consider it tangible.

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