Fuck Off, Reg

I was going to write something about this topic, but Brendan O’Neill got there first, and did it perfectly.

Read the whole thing.

Update: Nobody seems to have noticed the “classical reference” in both the title and O’Neill’s enjoinder.  It’s taken from a Cheech & Chong sketch from the late 1970s (I think it’s the Big Bambu  album) which satirizes a British punk band.  And, of course, the “Reg” here is Elton John’s real first name.


  1. Prissy that Reg can pontificate as the pampered betters, yet can’t even walk the walk and the beat of the tired song they want us to follow.

    Know your role, proles – do as I say not do as I do.

  2. But Reg had some trees planted for carbon offsets. So what, Weyerhaeuser lumber probably planted more trees last year than all the eco weenies put together did in their collective lifetimes.

    1. Don’t give them ideas. Next thing they’ll lobby Congress and it’ll become compulsory.

      1. Oh no, it’s be awesome–they’d get paid for the trees on BOTH ENDS.

        See, tress pull most of the CO2 out of the air when they’re growing, so Weyerhaeuser harvests full grown trees and sells the lumber to people who are building useful stuff.

        Then they get paid by rich liberals to plant trees to replace those just cut down–which they were going to do *anyway*.

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