What We Face

As we conservatives gird up to face what would destroy us and our beloved country, consider this article a warning.

Under a prevalent view that has emerged from universities in recent years, a wrong opinion is seen as tantamount to a thrown punch or even an indication of a willingness to genocide—which invites the idea that an offended party who throws a real punch (or worse) is simply acting in self-defense. This idea has become so pervasive and is so taken-for-granted at this point that even workaday journalists now pay homage to this academic conceit in their work.

Who defines what constitutes a “wrong” opinion?  (Hint: it isn’t you.)  Read the whole disgusting thing.

And as a wise man once said:

“Of course, the game the Left has always played is to use violence as a pretext to impose their preferred policies. We’ve had waves of left-wing violence since the Obama administration, all intended to elicit a response. Those responses are used to justify what amounts to political terrorism.”.

Feel free to see what people think, here.

Damn, and I was only at the range a couple days ago, practicing with a sniper rifle.

Well, if you’ll excuse me… that 1911 isn’t going to shoot itself.  Maybe it’s also time for a little AK practice, too.


  1. “Elect us and the brawling and rioting in the streets will stop. Our people will stop fighting and the other people will be in jail.” (From Nazi party campaign literature circa 1932).

    1. Ironically true. The Antifa Communists fighting the Nazis were so out of control, they made the Nazis look good by comparison.

      (There really needs to be a term for existiential horror derived from an appalling historical truth.)

  2. While in universities having a wrong opinion may be considered violence, and can be responded to with violence, in the real world that actual act of violence is the first, and allows for a violent response in self defense in all 57 states. So SJWs go ahead and throw a punch at me for having an opinion you don’t like, at best you’ll be searching for your teeth in the toilet tomorrow, at worst you’ll end up activating your organ-donor card.

    Mark D

  3. And you think its fun NOW??? Wait till after Trump is re-elected, then the real FUN will begin.
    The howls and screeches will fill airwaves and the little faschisti of antifa will go on a wild assault.
    Californistan and the rest of their communist fellow states will be a hotbed of indignation and revolt.
    The rest of us will remain calm and continue reloading.

    1. Honestly, I just don’t see the pantifas heading out of any hard-blue strongholds. It’s just not healthy for them.

  4. Departing Sunday morning early to my not so local 600 yard range for another day of practice and dope collection.
    Agreed that old farts with bad knees like me are not gonna be traipsing around looking for commie insurgents. We must wait for them to come to us but not let them get close. Sierra Match KIngs will work just fine.

    1. I prefer Nosler BT myself, but let’s not quibble over semantics. And where I live, 100 yards is a long shot, so the AK will work just fine. As it did, yesterday.

      1. Remington Core-Lokt round nose soft point 220 grain 30-06.
        Will drop a Moose in it’s tracks or turn a pantifa idjit’s head inside out. Which should inspire some of the mob to shit themselves and run.
        I believe a moving target is more sporting.

  5. I don’t think they have the attention span to understand If/Then statements. E.g. “If you start hurting people while wearing black masks, then we will treat you like the socialist thugs we met in Europe 75 years ago.

    And we old farts need to use what Colonel Cooper referred to as “Full House Battle Rifle Cartridges.” Accept no substitutes.

    1. I prefer expanding bullets (see below) over the FMJ battle cartridges, but I think the good Colonel was referring to caliber.

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