Kindred Spirit

I find myself curiously lethargic these days, when it comes to blogging.  Oh sure, the occasional action of some politician (e.g. Barr’s, yesterday) will pierce the blanket of lethargy and cause me to start looking around for the hammer and nails (okay, the AK-47 and a bandolier of cartridges), but mostly, I’m of the same mind as Taki’s Jim Goad, who took a week off from politics and feels all the better for it.

No matter what I write or how I vote, the debt is higher, there’s no wall, immigration is unchecked, Israel is still America’s master, I have no say in how the government spends even a dollar of the money it bleeds from me, nearly all journalists are dishonest, most people are deeply and incurably stupid, Republicans and Democrats are two arms on the same Frankenstein, the USA is culturally fractured beyond repair, the press still uses the euphemism “teens” for “black rioters,” women still make false rape claims while denying the very existence of false rape claims, white people are being systematically dehumanized by the same propagandists who scoff at the very notion that white people are being systematically dehumanized, trannies remain “the gender they were assigned at birth” no matter if they spend a million dollars to mutilate themselves, the “oppressed” would be just as rotten as the “oppressors” if only given the chance…etc. etc.

Read all of it to get the full flavor.

So for the next week or so, expect nothing more from this blog than gratuitous gun pics, studies of beautiful women, fine works of art and music, discussions of cars and… errrr wait a minute.

But like Joad, I’m taking a holiday from politics for as long as I can stand it.

Let’s just hope that the politicians don’t fuck it up, like they do so many things.


  1. Agreed. Too much of this crap numbs the soul. My friends, who remember a more volatile me, think I’ve gained patience in my dotage. In truth, it’s quiet despair masquerading as a virtue.

  2. My dad used to say “Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach.” I think the article’s author was spot on, “Those who can enjoy life, do. Those who don’t obsess about politics.”

  3. The way I see it, there are two ways things will go in this country. One is the Left goes too far and the right goes by Mencken and hoists the black flag and starts slitting throats. Two is the left takes over the government and does Venezuela part deux. Whereupon they find out the hard way that the people they voted in don’t give a rats ass about them.
    The thing is at this point in my life I don’t really care one way or the other. If the first happens I have plenty of ammo to bring to the party. If the second I have a wide variety of skills in the trades I can utilize under the table to increase my standard of living, and the sense to keep it hidden.

  4. What I don’t like are the predictions of experts about crap that has not happened yet and might not happen at all and anyway the predictions will be wrong. Then I really dislike the media bringing out all sorts of talking head experts spouting off crap about a situation that is occurring and getting most everything wrong.

    I did a short stint years ago as a junior reporter working for a county seat daily newspaper, my job was going to the jail to get the police and sheriffs reports off of their logs, going by the court house to see filings of lawsuits, the funeral home to get obituary info, the hospital to get the admittance and new baby stuff (back over 50 years ago all of that was public info). Then I went back and worked on my typewriter, old time real typewriter, and I was instructed to write articles that within the first two paragraphs told WHO did it, WHAT they did, WHEN it happened and WHY and have all the facts right, after that I could write the fill in info of interest.

    News is really that simple, who, what, when and why and leave the speculation to the editorials.

  5. I like Goad’s writing mostly, but “Israel is still America’s master” put me off. Another Jew hater, oh dear.

    Israel is a beggar at America’s table. A skilled, often charming, often persuasive beggar, but a beggar.

    1. Yeah, that anti-Israel schtick at Taki’s gets fucking old, dunnit? I was tempted to elide the offending phrase, but I’m not a leftwing newspaper. That aside, though, what Goad says is pretty spot-on.

      1. I’d agree with everything except that Israel as master crap, too. That and the stupid commenters going all jigaboo about blacks put me off reading Taki.

  6. I find I agree with Joad’s self-deprecating comment: “I am hardly a geneticist…”
    He doesn’t fully understand the word, diaspora; he totally ignores the Mugrabim, the Jews of North Africa, who’ve practiced their religion (as similar to Ashkenazic Judaism as it may be) for uncountable generations.
    And the Chinese Jews from as far back as the Tang dynasty.
    Also, important to remember, Jews do not proselytize. It’s like one of those clubs where you have to be a legacy or practically beg for admission.

  7. I’ve been a fan of Goad’s since picking up his “Redneck Manifesto” many years ago. I see I’m not alone in not agreeing with all he says, but I think he nailed it in “Manifesto,” that poor whites and poor blacks are fighting each other for the crumbs from the elites’ tables, when we have more in common than the elites want us to believe, hence the divide-and-conquer all the time in the media.

    Taking sabbaticals from political news has been something I’ve done lately (no good can come from watching it any how, beyond some calls and letters to our congresscritter; otherwise, you get angry, yell at the TV, occasional RCOB, and go wishfully fondle/inspect some guns). I watched a lot more sports, starting with pro rugby on the cable, then I gained an appreciation for baseball, especially when the “local” team had a winning season, while I was stuck at home during a second round of cancer treatments.

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