News Roundup

Scientists find traces of cocaine in freshwater shrimp — so everybody panic:  we’re all gonna DIIIIEEEEEEEE!   I wonder where they sampled the freshwater shrimp;  from the Orinoco River in Colombia? [warning: contains Enya]

Piss off, tourists! — Amsterdam has finally had enough (as bemoaned on this website some time ago).  Bugger.

“We’re not going to tell you how to live” — If only they weren’t such boring socialists with shitty gun laws, I’d live there.

Socialists Go Ultra-Crazy On Gun Confiscation — Fuck off, Spartacus.  And take all your socialist control-freak buddies with you.  Or:  keep it up and watch Trump win 40 states in 2020.

All over the world, everybody hates their gummint — Don’t even bother asking the Venezuelans.  The Chinese would be the same, except that if they admit it, they get shot.  By their gummint.


  1. In reference to hating governments. Was asked once what I would do if I had the chance. Said I would burn down the bureaucracies and salt the earth as a warning in Ottawa. Trouble isn’t usually the politicians since the come and go, but the silly servants that are there for decades. Alas I won’t get my way with them.

    1. Don’t see why not. Unless there’s just too many of ’em — which is probably the seat of the problem right there.

  2. Oh and don’t miss how Rep. Crow and Sen. Bennett from Colorado turned a candlelight vigil for the hero who gave his life to save others at STEM School Highlands Ranch into a political rally rife with stump speeches advocating for more gun control.

    I would pay money to our gracious host to write for me the sufficient anger-filled invective I currently possess having been duped into attending that event (though we did leave with the students). I am angrier today than I ever recall being (my kids go to that school). Kendrick was a good kid and he will be sorely missed.

    1. Love that the kids walked out en mass stating they weren’t going to be politicized.

      1. The kids in that school are no one’s pawns. The students, staff, and faculty of Highlands Ranch High School and the activists and politicians in attendance vastly underestimated the students from STEM. The students there have no patience for the kind of condescending politicizing that went on last night. The students know when they’re being used and they have zero tolerance for that kind of thing. These kids are repeatedly mocked in ridiculed at other schools; the HRHS lacrosse team calling the STEM students psychopaths as they were being escorted out of the building. I reminded the lacrosse team that they’d best be nice to these STEM kids, they’ll be working for them someday.

        1. Good for them. Now all the ADULTS have to do is vote those two assholes out of office.

          1. We can’t.

            See, we vote by mail these days. They mail the ballots to us, we mail them back.

            The Democratic Party knows how to make sure they win.

          2. For the life of me I cannot understand how Bennett keeps winning. Every time he opens his mouth I figure he has to have a blood alcohol level of .35. Slurred words. Barely speaks above a mumble (even when amplified). Walks around looking confused all the time. Can barely string together five words to articulate a coherent thought.

            Colorado going blue has every bit as much to do with a state GOP that is in utter disarray as it does with the Californication going on. They are constantly on talk radio and running around the state acting like a dog that’s been beat too much. They don’t talk about their ideas as though they’re good ones. They don’t offer up candidates with any chance of state wide election (Cory Gardner is going to get his ass handed to him). All they do is embolden the lunatics up in Boulder and run from the clown acts in Denver (Gov. Polis, please call your office).

            But hey, at least we can get high and do mushrooms now!

            At least #shutupboulder is now a thing.

    2. “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

      “And so he passed over, and the angels welcomed him on the Other Side.”

  3. A paean to Joe McCarthy. The much-maligned U.S. Senator from Wisconsin prophesied this turn of events.
    The American Communists (Democrats/Socialist-Progressives) are coming out of the woodwork.

  4. “…from the Orinoco River in Colombia? [warning: contains Enya]”

    Good one! That was worth a belly laugh!

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