Mother Of The Year

Okay, so we’re all-too familiar (and depressingly so) with the scenario of a woman having sex with her daughter’s boyfriend, yes?

How about having sex with BOTH your daughters’ boyfriends?

AND the boys were aged 14 and 15?  (We’ll leave aside the question, for the moment, as to why the daughters, presumably the same age or younger than the boys, were allowed to have  boyfriends in the first place.)

Of course, if one were to play “Guess The State”, this could only have happened in California.  (No, not in Florida, because in Florida the cuckolded hubby would have shot the bitch dead.)  But Mr. Cuckold did  file for divorce a few days after Wifey’s arrest.  (She’ll probably get the house and custody of the daughters because California.  And Hubby will have to pay for the daughters’ psychiatric treatment.)

And because this was California, Mommie Dearest isn’t going to jail for statutory rape.  (I know, swap the sexes for maximum outrage.)

I haven’t seen this much wrongness in one story since the Obama Administration.


  1. As a reformed Florida cracker I believe the dood already knew how she was and knew that if he threw her overboard he’d pay through the asspocket, but when she took it public like she did he had no choice. Hopefully her errant ways have paved her future appropriately and HE will get the kids and SHE will pay support but I’m not optimistic.

  2. One wonders if this woman will ever come to the realization that her daughter’s teenage boyfriend had more character and more moral fortitude than she, a grown adult woman, possessed when he ended it because he couldn’t handle the guilt anymore? Guilt and shame are concepts beyond the amoral minds of some in our culture and they’re all the worse for it.

    1. You know, I’m generally against the whipping of adulterous women, as practiced in Muslim countries. But there are times…

      1. In this case it’s not *that* she did it, it’s *who* she did it with that deserves the whipping.

        If she’d picked two 18 year old neighborhood boys it would be a different story, but there’s just all kinds of wrong wrong wrong there.

  3. I did a little follow up on the story and that is one sorry, sad woman, wrecking her life forever, losing her husband, messing up her own kids, I think it referenced four plus the two boys one 14 and the other 15 she gave alcohol and cigars, shared porno then screwed and orally copulated multiple times over several weeks in the fall of 2017 when she was 40 years old. She was listed as a leader of the Christian School Boosters Club where her kids attended and she was a home town girl born and raised in the town that is now about 60K people.

    I am astounded when I see these examples of, “Lady, What the hell were you thinking?” Did she have a background of bad decisions or did she wake up one day and decide to become an international, notorious child sex offender? The way the events are described in the filings it appears she was doing both boys at the same time which adds to the gross factor of gross situation on her self-destructive journey. Lots of sad wrong going on.

    1. I guarantee that this wasn’t the first time she was cheating on her husband. I bet she’s banged the neighbor once or twice, had affairs at work, maybe sucked off the choir director after practice. But like a drug addict, she kept searching for a more potent “high”. Having sex with her daughters boyfriends not only gave her the rush of cheating on her husband, but screwing over her daughters as well.

      She deserves far more than the slap on the wrist she’s getting.

  4. This is California. Worshipping at the alter of Mary Magdalene©, she was intuitively a temple prostitute in a former embodiment, so Karma© requires her to atone for The Sins™ of her congregation by healing® the yang energies from their indigo auras.

    I blame soy.

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