Quite Right

All sorts of trouble has come out of this:

A Danish politician claimed she was told her baby daughter was ‘not welcome’ in the parliament’s main chamber.
Far-right speaker Pia Kjaersgaard allegedly ordered Conservative politician Mette Abildgaard to remove her five-month-old baby from the room.
The mother, who is in her 30s, said she had never brought her daughter to work before, but she had to so that day because her father could not take care of her.

And Mr. Speaker is absolutely right.  When did it become acceptable for mommies to bring their brats into everywhere?  (I don’t even like seeing young children in bars, and the thought of a baby in the Parliament building… good grief.)

And the mommy in question had the absolute gall to say this:

Mrs Abildgaard also added she is entitled to a year’s maternity leave with full salary from the Parliament.

And you didn’t take it… why?  Surely the whole point of maternity leave is so that by the time it ends, the parent is capable of leaving the child in the care of someone not its parent.

This is total bullshit.  Maternity is a wonderful thing — but it’s not everything, and proud parents need to get a grip on that fact and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them and their offspring.

Is it too early for gin?


  1. So I’m laying there on the guerney in the surgery room with the top half of my skall sawed off waiting for the doc to get ‘er dun and I look up and saw that she’s standing there nursing the shit out of her 8 month old gland. I go, “Au-hum, can we get with the program here, my gray jelly is drying out.” Suddenly this 32 yo “neurosurgeon” screams out, “He assualted me!, he assaulted me!”

    If you decide to spawn a yung-in then you need to supervise it in person all the time and no, that responsibility cannot be pawned off on others. This template has been in place for hundreds of thousands of years and has worked superlatively until the whiney children achieved adulthood and ruined everything.

  2. If you want to know why modern societies are unwilling/incapable of maintaining the legacy of civilization that they received, this is just about the perfect example. Women are unwilling to be mothers. No, that would be BENEATH them, don’t you know! They have to be just like men, and work just like men, and let other people raise their children! And when little Jonny turns into a psychopath because he was raised in a sterile group setting by people who weren’t his parents, people will invariably turn to themselves and mutter “We must ban guns!” or some other form of stupidity that does nothing but allow moral posturing.

    A pox on all this complete and utter idiocy. Women have almost completely abandoned the role that made them special and unique.

    And I haven’t even gotten to the subject of who in the hell thinks it’s OK to bring children to work. Do you see concrete workers with little kids strapped to their backs? Hell no! Do bus drivers have their kids in the seat behind them, so they can nurse at a moment’s notice? Nope. What kind of stupidity has to be taught people to make them think that bringing their children into their WORK PLACE is a good idea?

  3. I’d not be at all surprised if the bitch took the child with her knowing full well what would happen, and for no other reason than to create a scene in which she could play the victim of “the far right”.

  4. “Do you see concrete workers with little kids strapped to their backs?”

    Notice if you will the only “positions” this see this sort of idiocy occurring in are non-essential positions or very easy jobs – jobs a child could do. My dad had a concrete company, in southwest Florida, and I worked there. It is cruel, extremely physically demanding work in the brutally screaming hot sun all day long. A child on the site? Nope. But then, I’m talking about 30-40 years ago so concrete work may be all diff now. Maybe they have fold-down nursing stations on the side of the concrete trucks, with privacy curtains to keep those evil misogynist white construction workers at bay.

    If a job requires all of your attention and all of your effort there is no time for kid(s). Get rid of non-essential jobs, and make all employees earn the hell out of their wages and this nonsense will cease. Well, it’s all going to cease anyway and sooner than you might guess, because of this very type of retardation that has swept this country.

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