Sanity Returns

…at least, finally, to the price of ammo.  From Eric at AmmoMan comes this offering:

Y’all can do the calculations on the other calibers — I don’t have any guns chambered for ’em — but the per-round (non-rebate) prices are:

  • Federal .45 ACP 230gr:  35c
  • CCI .22 LR 40gr: 6.4c
  • Blazer 9mm 115gr FMJ (not pictured):  19c

That’s more like it.  I can now suggest culling vermin with .22 ammo as the “7-cent solution” and not the “25-cent solution”, as during the Obama Years [shudder].

During the Happy Times (2001 – 2008), I urged everyone to buy ammo because those prices wouldn’t last.  I thought that the cost of ammo would go up if we elected a RatBastard Democrat to the presidency, but what I did not predict was that under CommiePres Obama, the huge sales pressure on the “popular” rifle calibers (5.56mm and 7.62x39mm) would cause serious shortages in the other  calibers as manufacturers retooled to meet the demand.  Hence the rationing of, say, .22 LR at places like Wal-Mart and Academy, and the complete disappearance of various calibers at local gun stores.

So let us learn from history, as we conservatives like to do, and buy ammo by the truckload during these, the Happy Times II.  That way, when the next Commie asshole president starts talking about “how much ammunition does a person need?” en route to setting purchase limits, we can say,  “Fuck you.”

Watch your Inbox — I’m on almost all the ammo sellers’ mailing lists, and you should be too — and take advantage of the low prices when they’re promoted.  (And try, where possible, to buy American — remember, asshole Commie politicians will always ban ammo imports when they can, so let’s try to keep our guys in business.)

As much as I like to promote National Ammo Day on November 19th each year, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to do so this year, only to be told:  “Shut up, Kim.  I have enough ammo stored for two generations already.”

Make me and Baby Vulcan proud.


  1. Six cents a round is sort of high for .22 plinking ammo. I find reasonably decent .22s which are consistently in stock at Academy for under a nickel a round. That doesn’t sound like a big difference but it’s $5.00 or more on a brick. You have to pay local tax at Academy but you’re dealing with shipping and maybe tax when you do an internet order so that part is a wash.

    Still your point is well taken. Ammo prices are pretty good right now and all of us would be well advised to stock up.

    I reload most of my center fire cartridges and I’m buying powder, primers and bullets. During the last drought primers and powder were very hard to find. I remember idiots starting a rumor saying that primers – and maybe powder – would automagically “expire” under some proposed regulation. People bragged that they were sitting on 50 to 100K of the “good” primers. I don’t have enough years left to reload 100,000 rounds of ammunition even with my new progressive press.

    I look for free hazmat promotions to save on shipping. I know that I’m leaving a paper trail but reloaders seem to be under the radar in most places. I’m sure that the news people would be “shocked, shocked I tell you!” if they got a look at my shop. I don’t have two generations of ammunition but I think that I’ve got enough on hand to get me through two less than friendly administrations. After that I’ll probably be too old to see the sights or my family will be fighting over my stuff.

  2. Been buying Federal bricks at Rural King for more than a year at 4 cents.
    I go there about once a month and have been grabbing a couple boxes each time.

    “We’re running out of room over here!”
    Gonna hafta add-on again.

    1. Yeah, you can get .22 ammo cheaper than 6c, but the CCI Mini-Mag is my favorite — it works supremely well in every .22 pistol or rifle I’ve ever owned.

  3. The great thing with Ammoman is that shipping is included in the price for everything over $100. Always got great service from him when I lived on Long Island and he was in New Jersey. Order in the morning and it was at my door the next afternoon. UPS guy hated me, and I am sure I made a list or two.

    Now I am in PA and Ammoman is no longer in NJ. Guess we both made good moves.

  4. Incidentally, authorities want to cap how much ammo we are allowed to have at home

    Maybe 500 rounds for a competing target shooter; but no-one else “needs” to have more than 100 rounds on hand.

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