1. Those ‘golf cart’ cars really suck the juice down when it gets below 20 degrees in the winter and the heater is running wide open and of course above 90 in the summer and the A/C is blasting cold air. And then you run out of electrons and can pull out your handy, dandy generator that runs on . . . . . . gasoline which you don’t want to store inside your car. Should have pulled over to a charging station after a couple of hundred miles and waited an hour or so to recharge however it might be a nice day to use your car and play golf.

    1. Having just driven an electric in single digit temps for three days, I saw about 20% worse mileage. It was worse for short trips as the batteries never got warmed up to be able to use full regenerative braking.
      Saw some people using engine block heaters for their gas and diesel cars. If I had been able to plug in overnight, I would have seen better mileage. My electric gets better mileage in the bitter cold when fully charged. Also, plugging can keep the batteries warm. Finally, when plugged in, preheating the interior doesn’t use battery capacity.

  2. Check out the woman with a Tesla.
    Some folks say the guys laughing at her foibles and not offering to help were cruel. I don’t think they were cruel.
    I think she’s too stupid to be driving if she doesn’t have the brains to realize she’s driving a battery powered car, and even more so after she grabbed her smart phone rather than even bother to look for her owner’s manual.
    And people who buy overpriced, under-capable cars are also stupid and virtue-signalling, which I can’t stand.

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