Western Civilization

Here’s a map which ranks the various countries of the world from light to dark, from least corrupt to, well, Somalia.

Pop quiz:   Of the lighter-colored (i.e. least corrupt) countries, find the common thread.  (Hint:  it’s in the title of this post.)

For those who are surprised at the relatively-low ranking of the United States among the civilized nations, I would suggest that we would rocket upwards with the conviction of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the dissolution of the Clinton Foundation and the imprisonment of all its officers.  To reach the top of the charts, we’d have to convict all members of Congress (active and/or retired) who became millionaires whilst earning only a Congressional salary.

And by “conviction”, of course, I mean this:


  1. While you were making a point about Western vs non-Western, there is another message in this map within the category of Western countries. It was compiled by globalists. They are anti-populist, trashing not only the US but also Hungary and Italy. No impartial observer could reasonably conclude that the Trump administration is more corrupt than the Obama administration. It was the Obama administration after all that hosted all the Clinton corruption, not to mention the outlandish crony capitalism associated with TARP and Obamacare just to mention a few. In Italy, 5-Star which is the dominant faction of their governing populists specifically campaigned on corruption issues.

    Another interesting thing in the list is that it focuses on financial corruption and ignores governments like the UK, Germany, Sweden etc that are essentially replacing their own citizens with 3rd worlders. On that criteria, Russia and China are less corrupt.

  2. Wait, the US fell several slots because of TRUMP?

    Were these people paying attention during the previous eight years, with Benghazi, the Clintons, and President Peace Prize? Of course if we come to our senses, abolish that silly Constitution, and elect Alexandria Occasional Cortex as President for Life we’ll shoot right up to #1…..

  3. …also interesting is the religious/social/political ideologies of the more corrupt nations, ie, non-christian, socialist, communist.

  4. I like how you think, KdT, which why I keep coming back. It seems the older I get, the smarter you become.

  5. FSCKing illiterate swine who wrote and edited the article should be taken out and shot.

    “Throws of war”?????!?!?!?!?!? Is your spell checker so lame it doesn’t recognize “Throes of war”?

    1. Rick,
      Bless you, my son, for pointing out the illiteracy where I have essentially given up bothering to do so because futile.

    2. > Is your spell checker so lame it doesn’t recognize


      Almost all of them are.

      But remember “layers and layers of fact checkers and editors”.

      > ?????!?!?!?!?!?

      Sign of a diseased mind.

  6. I have two words. Roger Stone.

    He was arrested for nothing in a fashion that is reminiscent of the worst excesses of any totalitarian state. I would say it is the last gasp of the dying bureau left by the predecessor.

    And I voted for Trump. I hope he burns the deep state down to the ground.

    As for the graphic, only western civ sows the ability to kill itself. The rest just crumble to nothing.

    We are entering a dark time in human history.

    It is overdue.

  7. Umm… Looking at that graphic. Zimbabwe is as corrupt as the USA? I don’t think so. I checked the article and phew! They obviously swapped it with Rwanda. But I’m not so sure about Rwanda.

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