I don’t quite know what to make of all this:

London Pride maker Fuller, Smith & Turner, better known as Fuller’s, is to sell its entire beer business to the European division of Japanese brewer Asahi.
In a deal which values the division at £250million, the London-based brewer will sell the production and distribution of its well-known beers, including its flagship drink London Pride, as well as its ale, stout, porter, craft lager and cider brands.

Considering that London Pride is my second-favorite beer (after Wadworth 6X), I can only hope that Asahi won’t look at Pride’s miniscule U.S. distribution and decide that it’s not worth it.

On the other hand, they might also think that Fuller are a bunch of morons for not getting Pride greater exposure in the U.S., with the result that I could soon buy it at Kroger.

So it’s “wait and see”, not something I typically enjoy doing.

Gah.  I hate  change.


  1. Kirin bought Four Roses (Bourbon Distiller) and if there’s any change domestically, it’s not noticeable. The tour guide did say that some of the product is distributed exclusively in Japan, but that might have been the case before.

  2. One of the few thing we do better up here in Canada is get access to British beer. Below is a list of Fuller’s stuff I can walk 2 blocks to buy.
    1845 Celebration Ale
    Bengal Lancer IPA
    Bengal Lancer IPA (Keg)
    Black Cab Stout
    Extra Special Bitter
    Extra Special Bitter (Keg)
    Imperial Stout
    Imperial Stout (Keg)
    India Pale Ale
    London Porter
    London Porter (Keg)
    London Pride
    London Pride (Keg)
    Winter Ale 30l Keg
    Fullers Black IPA
    Fullers Blackberry Gose
    Fullers Brit Hop
    Fullers Damson Porter
    Fullers Imperial IPA
    Fullers Organic Honey Dew Beer
    Fullers Session IPA
    Fullers Vintage Ale
    Fullers Vintage Ale 30l Keg

    Even though it’s Fuller’s, I’m not going to try the heretical Honey Dew beer.

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