Seeing as the Socialists now control the U.S. House, I suppose we’re going to start hearing the drumbeat of support for and attempts to revive the failed ObamaCare medical insurance system, as well as support for a “single-payer” healthcare system (where the “single payer” means the government, i.e. not a single payer at all, but all taxpayers — yet another way Socialists employ a euphemism to conceal the truth).

Of course, this will all be cloaked under the banner of “fairness”, i.e. free healthcare for all people being a “fair” principle (and yes, I know it isn’t free at all;  see above), all while touting the excellence of, for example, Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

So while kicking said supporters in the teeth (always a Good Thing when dealing with socialists anyway), you may want to ask them how “fair” it is when medical services are so scarce that a service, treatment or drug is allocated to the afflicted by means of a postcode lottery — this being excellent example of the principle:

Tens of thousands of people with diabetes are being denied NHS access to a life-changing device which could spell an end to painful finger pricks.
A postcode lottery in provision means many people with type 1 diabetes are missing out on the benefits of the FreeStyle Libre gadget, which measures blood sugar levels with the simple swipe of a smartphone.
The device – famously used by Theresa May – has been available for GPs to prescribe for last year.
But an investigation by the British Medical Journal revealed a quarter of clinical commissioning groups in England are refusing to fund prescriptions for their residents.
This leaves people to either pay the £96 a month to receive it privately or miss out on the system.

I guess that technically this is fair, in that everyone has the same chance of winning a lottery… but I still want to kick random Socialists in the teeth anyway.


  1. Under whatever name ObamaCare further intrudes it’s nose under our tent, it will increasingly regress becoming a single payer plan. And single payer is nothing more than a new and open-ended revenue stream for general operation of government.
    Think worst case as to what Social Security became, that will be health-care. Economies will be achieved via rationing and overall reduced health care.
    My initial thought is that Baby Boomer retirees haven’t hit full stride. So any new funding will provide near-term fixes to Social Security. That or government will pour it down some favored rat-hole.
    Once again, government’s solution to problem is worse than the problem.

  2. Worse, if you take a look at the NHS in the UK, they blow massive money on administrative overhead. They have more admin people than doctors and nurses combined.

    Of course, we could take the sensible solution to health care rationing. Liberals get Euthanasiacare. Cancer? Euthanize. Appendicitis? Euthanize. Hangnail? You guessed it! Do unto the Left…as they so clearly intend to do unto us.

  3. £96 a month is not cheap. There are about 400k Type 1 diabetics in the UK. So that’s approximately £40 million a month, and £480 million a year. You can buy an awful lot of pinprick kits for that money.

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