Going All The Way

In our continuing saga of “Teachers Shagging Their Students”, we come to this guy in Florida — of course — who despite having a hottie wife, managed to tap not one but two underage female students concurrently.  The twist?  He ended the thing when each of the girls turned 18.  Needless to say, when the spurned [sic] Lolitas found out he’d been cheating on both of them, they decided, in typical catty teenage-girl fashion, to tell his wife (pictured below).

Proving once and for all that women just don’t have a sense of humor, Wifey tossed Hubby out of the house and then called the school principal to rat on him.

He’s headed for jail, of course, despite neither of the teenage totties wanting to press charges  — but I’ll be really surprised if he gets the token sentence that a female teacher in the same situation would have received.


  1. brad, the vast majority of cases i’ve seen reported to the finish are to coin a phrase, ”are you FN kidding me?” when it comes down to sentencing. There are rogue judges out there that actually believe the feminists want equality and hand down similar punishments. They just happen to be as rare as those BLM activists that acknowledge minorities can be racist too.

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