“You may make a bad mistake;  the company you work for can make an even worse mistake;  but to really screw things up, you need government.”

Kim’s Corollary:

“…and the higher the level of government, the exponentially-greater the mistake will be.”

Hence the recent pronouncement which basically states that absolutely everything the fucking federal government has ever told you about health and nutrition, is wrong.  Not just wrong, but catastrophically wrong.

As I’ve said countless times before:  I longer believe anything the government — any level of government — tells me, whatever the topic.

And if we want to wander into the Tinfoil Hat Forest ever so slightly, we may note that in the above case, the beneficiaries of said bad governmental advice have been the pharmaceutical companies who, incidentally, hire lobbyists and donate barrow-loads of money to politicians.

Protip:  if you ever look at the “Department” subheadings under my post title, and see the words “Advice” and “Gummint” appearing simultaneously, you’ll have fair warning as to where the post content will be going.

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  1. Now Kim,

    It’s all just coincidence that the gov’t tells us there is a ‘problem’, and there is Big Pharma ready to sell us a ‘solution’. And that on the very next aisle, are all the ‘healthy’ foods. You know, the less fat, fat free, no suger, thinned out, watered down, no nutrition crap with the price jacked up by 50%. Pay more, get less!

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