1. ^That’s nothing – The Chicoms have a VCR tape of Feinstein and Justice Sotomayor having sex with my donkey when the donkey was underage. They won’t give me a copy, and I don’t remember the date, the donkey’s name or the place, but I’m still calling the FBI and PETA.

    And BTW, why did our sainted accuser go into a bedroom with two or more drunk boys, hmmmmm?
    Truth wants to know what she had in mind at the time, and why, when the obvious happened, was she pissed off 30+ years later?
    I think she was disappointed because it wasn’t the guy she wanted who groped her, or else she caught holy hell from her parents after they found out, and she’s been looking to get revenge on a white male ever since, especially a Republican (= privileged) white male.
    She needs to put up or shut up ASAP, the only guarantee should be that she will be safe, which is an understandable concern (see Kennedy, Edward) in a room full of Senators behind a closed door.

    1. Not from the Republican senators; between the lot of them, they couldn’t raise even one decent erection.

  2. A buddy who sailed to HI a couple decades back tells me that it was Krazy Mazie who tried to sell him a couple keys of China-White when he was tying up the boat at Ala Wai, but that’s all he remembers of the trip.

  3. …and Cuz’n Jerry Lee witnessed it all! He feelings were also mightily hurt because Nancy refused to honk his horn!

  4. How can anyone defend themselves against accusations of events decades ago? It’s going to be interesting if a woman gets similarly accused by a man – “Yeah, she grabbed me by the balls…” Sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose, you know.

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