Irony Alert

So former supermodel Elle McPherson is dating a doctor.  Ordinarily, I would not care, and nor should any sentient human being.  But this is not just any doctor, oh no — as the Daily Mail  breathlessly informs us:

Elle Macpherson, 54, is dating discredited former doctor Andrew Wakefield, 60, a driving force behind the anti-vaxxer movement when his debunked theory linked the childhood MMR jab to autism

…and of course there’s a pic:

…which makes me think:  while I certainly do not wish any harm on the Oz bint, wouldn’t be wonderfully ironic if by kissing this charlatan, she contracted a serious yet preventable disease?

(Side note:  kissing with eyes open? eewwww)



  1. Elle McPherson… now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long, long time…

  2. Damn, Kim, and I thought you knew how to apply logic and common sense. Andy Wakefield is a HERO. He spoke the truth about what he found regarding gastrointestinal disease in kids with autism. When he recommended spacing the MMR into 3 separate jabs to minimize the risk of adverse interactions, he was crucified by the Pharma-government-medical-media industrial complex. Yes, the same Pharma industry that jacked up EpiPens from $20 to $500, that has taken existing generic meds and jacked the price from $8 to $38,000, the FDA and CDC that have increased the mandated vaccine schedule from 7 in 1970 to nearly 70 now. No studies have ever proven that this vaccine schedule is safe.

    Yeah I’m going to trust BigPharma on this one.

    1. Sorry, but that’s bullshit. Vaccines work — and that’s not Big Pharma talking, that’s the fact of millions upon millions of people alive for decades who would otherwise be dead of preventable disease as children.
      Yes, occasionally a child may have an adverse reaction and be impaired — and it’s a tragedy — but that’s true of just about everything. Sometimes, the “greater good” really does overcome the few specific tragedies, and vaccines do just that.

      1. > Yes, occasionally a child may have an adverse reaction and be impaired

        The notion that one gets Autism from a MMR vaccine is *RUBBISH*. It’s ridiculous.

        Yes, children can and occasionally do have reactions to vaccines. It sucks.

        But most of my generation (I’m 50) have NO IDEA what an iron lung is, and less than 1 percent know anyone who was in one.

        It’s even lower than that for my daughters–literally NONE of them will know someone who lived in one.

        As to Wakefield, he engaged in fraud and HORRIBLE science.

        His study? All of 12 children. And even then he had to cook the books.

        The man was a fraud and should be thrown off the roof of a tall building.

    2. Hero? Bullshit.

      This grub Wakefield has caused unnecessary misery to anxious new parents and put more children at risk than anyone in recent history.

      Like those old timey snake oil salesmen, he has become rich from the fear of the ignorant, and like many of those old timers, he should be run out of town on a rail.

  3. This is only relevant to me in that for some fucked up, unfathomable reason, the US has allowed this cocksucker (Wakefield, not her… I mean, *obviously* she partakes in the cock/tonsillular interface) to come to the USA.

    Then, just to stick it in my pediatric nurse’s ass a little bit more, this anti-science motherfucker decided to move to Austin, Texas.


    Elle McPherson, object of oh, so many mattress sock soakings of mine, is fucking some motherfucker within a couple hundred miles of where I am now typing this.

    Sometimes, I want to use part of my vast firearms collection on my own head.

    This, and most specifically this, is one of those times.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    1. > Sometimes, I want to use part of my vast firearms collection on my own head.

      See, that’s the difference between you and me.

      I want to use one of my piddling collection on HIS head. Her’s two. One shot if I can get the right angle.

      Fortunately for me I don’t live anywhere near them.

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