1. “I may have me a mullet but I ain’t lickin’ toilets to show my disrespect for the duly elected President.”

  2. Our own Kim, when young. Johannesburg, circa 1977.

    *ducks* *runs for cover*


    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  3. Melissa Pixley, prima ballerina of the New Woke Dance Company, poses with her truck.

  4. J’al read Michio Kaku’s latest ’bout the possibility of finding the precursor to the Higgs bosun? They just need ta tweek the Large Hadron Collider to get past the 10E-12 mV limit. Whut?

  5. “Iris better get her ass out here”, Lonnie grumbled to himself, “I’m not missing the fourteenth annual Joe Dirt convention.”

  6. It ain’t really incest if’n she’s yor 1/2 sister and you only do it doggy style.

  7. Exclusive!! – Otzi the Iceman clone sighted in Ozark Mountains – see it on Naked and Afraid at 7:00.

  8. “Trump wants to build a wall. I ain’t fer that, cuz walls is what killed Dale Earnhardt.”

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